Published: Mon, November 05, 2018
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High turnout is forecast for the United States midterm elections

High turnout is forecast for the United States midterm elections

Sunday's event was organized by Bikers for Trump, an organization that has coordinated rallies to support Donald Trump ever since he announced his candidacy for president.

The President also criticized Andrew Gillum, the Democratic Party's candidate for the post of Florida Governor, for seeking to abolish the federal agency, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which he said was "full of patriots" who arrested 127,000 illegal immigrants previous year. "It's been two insane years and it's time to really switch gears". "I'm going to vote the way Trump sees it".

"You have only one choice, Ron DeSantis for governor", Trump told thousands of cheering supporters at a rally at Pensacola International Airport, with Air Force One park right outside of the hangar.

Knight said Trump was a "great president" in the mold of Harry S. Truman, and led the crowd in a chant of "Go get 'em, Donald".

"Listen, I know the guy's not flashy", Frankel said on the amphitheater stage. "(We have) the opportunity to put the voice of everyday working people of our state at the centerfold of public policy and decision making - and results inside Tallahassee".

Obama was with Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and Sen.

DeSantis, 40, was educated at Yale and Harvard universities before becoming a Navy officer. He was elected the city's mayor in 2014. "I've never forgotten it and it's honestly one of the reasons I'm here so much", said Trump, who last campaigned in Montana in mid-October.

Knight, the former coach of the Indiana Hoosiers, embraced Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, often appearing with the future president at rallies in the state. "I don't think we could have asked for a better turnout for Republicans. There are more of us who believe in decency", Gillum said to loud applause. "But if we don't vote, there could be".

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DeSantis used more than half of his speech to attack Gillum.

Speaking to a crowd of about 3,000 in Miami, Obama warned voters not to get bamboozled by misinformation while Republicans allow polluters to poison the environment, give tax cuts to billionaires and take healthcare away from millions.

Gillum has said he's not a target of the investigation.

But he also drilled down on core Democratic issues for the 2018 campaign, like health care and preserving protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

White voters go for Scott 55 percent to 41 percent but Nelson takes 87 percent of black voters and is up 59 percent to 31 percent with Hispanics. DeSantis spent weeks explaining the remark, saying it had nothing to do with race, but rather his belief that Gillum will hurt Florida's economy.

Quinnipiac, meanwhile, released its latest Florida poll showing the Democrats ahead by seven points in each contest, well outside the poll's margin of error.

Gillum is taking a nontraditional route in the general election.

Besides encouraging Democrats to vote, Obama also tried to bring Republicans to his side.

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