Published: Thu, November 01, 2018
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Trump says he plans to scrap birthright citizenship

Trump says he plans to scrap birthright citizenship

"Guess what? You don't", a gleeful Trump told Axios' Jonathan Swan when asked about his desire to end the practice of birthright citizenship, which is based on a longstanding interpretation of the 14 amendment's classification of all persons born or naturalized in the United States "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" as citizens.

The judge was the #OneLuckyGuy on Wednesday's Outnumbered panel, and he started by discarding the idea that there's a legal dispute about the 14th Amendment's nature of granting birthright citizenship. "That's what it costs ― billions". Mark Warner, D-Virginia, said the President has the "right to raise that debate" if he wants but "this notion that he can simply violate the Constitution by executive order, let's face it, no serious legal scholar thinks that's real".

Trump doubled down on his commitment to upending the 14th Amendment to the riled-up crowd chanting, "USA!"

"They're playing all of us", said David W. Leopold, an immigration attorney and counsel to the immigration advocacy group America's Voice. "We will get rid of all of this".

"Certainly if he can do DACA, we can do this", he said, referring to an executive order.

"We're the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States", he said in an Axios interview excerpt released Tuesday.

Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi called Mr Trump's claim an example of "Republican's spiralling desperation to distract from their assault" on healthcare. Trump has clearly signaled his intent to do just that, however, tweeting that the issue will be "settled by the United States Supreme Court!".

On Monday, Axios leaked part of an interview with Trump, the full recording of which will air on HBO Sunday, in which he indicated his intention to do away with birthright citizenship in the U.S. by way of executive order.

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Ilya Shapiro, a lawyer with the libertarian Cato Institute, said that although there is a debate in academic circles among conservatives on whether Congress could legislate on the issue without running afoul of the 14th Amendment, "it's not something that can be done by executive action alone".

Trump did not back down Wednesday from his controversial proposal to upend the very concept of American citizenship.

Mr Trump renewed his campaign promise to abolish the citizenship right in an interview with the website Axios, only hours after announcing the dispatch of 5,200 United States troops to the border with Mexico.

He added Wednesday: "Many legal scholars agree" with his interpretation.

This is different, Napolitano said, for illegal immigrants who can be prosecuted and can sue in court because they are subject to the law as American citizens are.

More broadly, Trump's view that US -born children of foreigners live a lifetime of taking "all those benefits" ignores the taxes they pay, the work they do and their other contributions to society.

The troop numbers have been changing at a dizzying pace, with Trump drawing a hard line on immigration in the lead-up to the midterm elections. "But the Supreme Court of the United States has never ruled on whether or not - whether the language of the 14th Amendment, 'subject to the jurisdiction thereof, ' applies specifically to the people who are in the country illegally", he said at a Politico event.

"I've always supported comprehensive immigration reform - and at the same time - the elimination of birthright citizenship", Graham added. The loophole has, the pair contend, led to increased illegal immigration and also "birthright tourism", which sees visitors come from countries like China and Russian Federation for the express objective of giving birth in the United States.

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