Published: Tue, October 23, 2018
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Test tunnel for high-speed travel to open in December - Elon Musk

Test tunnel for high-speed travel to open in December - Elon Musk

Taking to Twitter, the billionaire SpaceX founder said his underground tunnel for the project "is nearly done" and will be ready on December 10. Through his tunnel-digging firm, the Boring Co., Musk envisions the construction of a zero-emissions underground transit system that transports people using high-speed electric sleds. On the following day, December 11th, the public will be invited to trial rides on the two-mile test course at no cost. Musk has unveiled plans for a system of stations across the Los Angeles metro area.

No, Musk revealed that his first high-speed transit test tunnel is almost set, and it's opening this year.

The tunnel is located under Los Angeles County's city Hawthorne, and its top speed will be 155 miles per hour.

The Boring Company produced a concept video for the service earlier this year which shows passengers entering an open-space concept on street level and being taken to an underground system of railways. Festivities to mark the occasion include an opening event on the night of December 10 and free rides for the public the next day, Musk tweeted.

Trump threatens to send troops to border to stop migrant caravan
In a series of tweets, Trump said that if Mexico is incapable of stopping the immigrants, he will "call up the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!" He also appeared to threaten a revamped trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

Musk's goal in designing an underground tunnel system is to "solve the problem of soul-destroying traffic", the Boring Co. says on its website. One of the proposed routes would take passengers from the District to NY in under 30 minutes.

In addition to the testing tunnel and the East Coast route, the Boring Company lists an underground tunnel project in Chicago. Elon Musk is in the news again, and this time, it's not for calling a heroic diver a pedophile.

"Twitter thought I got hacked & locked my account haha", Musk tweeted.

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