Published: Sat, October 20, 2018
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Cannabis retailers warn of supply shortage

Cannabis retailers warn of supply shortage

He said: "Cannabis is not a benign substance. Retailers in Manitoba will be receiving staggered shipments over the next few weeks (some daily) in an effort to meet their requests", said a spokeswoman for the Manitoba crown corporation in an email.

Canadian politicians who pushed for legalization said the move will stop underage users, and reduce drug-related crime.

"They can't come in the store, but they can see the line, see this important moment in Canadian history", Fencott said.

"The response to cannabis legalization has resulted in a high volume of orders".

Among the biggest concerns among law enforcement and public safety officials is the risk that more people will drive while high.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation said it conducted 12,810 transactions totalling more than $660,000 in sales, of which nearly $47,000 were online, a spokeswoman said.

Ontario, Canada's most populous province, will only begin opening retail stores next spring, though residents will be able to order cannabis online.

Canadians (unlike Americans) can buy pot online from government stores, and the Times reports that online sales have been so strong that inventories are already running out. Customers can expect their order to be delivered within one to five business days.

Analysts said this actually wasn't too surprising.

To use recreational marijuana in Canada you must be at least 18, although some provinces set their minimum age at 19.

"The Ontario Cannabis Store's online channel is the only legal place in the province to buy recreational cannabis".

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"When you buy cannabis it's not going to be like going to Amazon and having packages left at the door", Mulroney said earlier this week.

The statement added that short-term supply shortages are expected due to "the craze surrounding legalization of cannabis and the scarcity of product across Canada".

The first recreational cannabis to be legally bought in Canada was purchased at midnight on Wednesday on the eastern island of Newfoundland amid queues of hundreds of people. Philip's after completely selling out of product Wednesday.

A member of the Winnipeg Police Service traffic division told CBC that the ticket was issued around 01:00 local time on Wednesday (06:00 GMT) - just an hour after cannabis consumption became legal. Last year, Canadians spent $4.4 billion on marijuana, according to the census agency Statistics Canada, with the vast majority of that going into the black market.

Farnworth said new supplies will arrive as other strains of pot sell out.

"Nobody was unaware that it was October 17 and yet we got pulled into this legislature time after time over the summer into the late mid-night hours to talk about his vendetta against his past foes at Toronto city hall", Horwath said.

While we still don't know what prices will be across the country-and it could vary a bit province to province-New Brunswick has listed prices from $7.50 - $14.99, right around the ideal level.

A recent report on the sales of cannabis-infused food and drink products, jointly published by two of the sector's research firms Arcview and BDS Analytics, found that the industry has great potential for growth.

"There is mega demand..."

"It's a candy store, I like the experience", said Vincent Desjardins, a 20-year-old-student who plans to apply for a job.

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