Published: Tue, October 16, 2018
Medical | By Jackie Banks

Wellness Center raises breast cancer awareness

Wellness Center raises breast cancer awareness

"We encourage students to talk to their mothers and other women in their lives about getting screened for breast cancer, as catching the disease early greatly improves odds of survival", Feiger said.

There are multiple ways that many can get involved in breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is curable up to 98-99.5% if detected early. Surgery has components; there is the breast sparing surgery where a specific mass is removed by taking out the lesion.

Women whose firstborns were heavier than 4,500 g (9lb 14.7 oz) were 53 per cent more likely to go on to develop breast cancer than those whose firstborns weighed between 3,000 g (6lb 9.8 oz) and 3,500 g (7lb 11.4 oz).

"Maine Cancer Foundation is extremely grateful for the success of the breast cancer awareness license plate, and the reliable income it provides to help in our mission to reduce the incidence and mortality of cancer across the state", said Tara Hill, executive director of Maine Cancer Foundation.

According to preliminary research presented at the UK National Cancer Research Institute's (NCRI) 2016 conference, one in six women who discovered their cancer themselves caught it based on a less-obvious symptom, like nipple abnormalities and weight loss (aka not a lump).

What is Breast Cancer? Women at increased risk of breast cancer, for example with a strong family history, may be eligible for breast screening before turning 50. All are invited to attend and receive valuable information, door prizes, and a chance to hear the personal story of a male breast cancer survivor.

Some women with stage IV breast cancer say they feel isolated.

Your diet should focus on dark green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

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"Cancer itself, I've had a lot of people die from it that were really important to me".

October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month is significant as it is aimed to empower those battling the disease to not give up hope and fight against it. Therefore, a fiber-rich diet can be beneficial.

When she received her mammogram screening in 2005 at 40 years old, she was clear.

A 3-D mammogram exam is nearly identical to the traditional mammogram, and women will notice little difference in the procedure if they've had mammograms in the past. After menopause, most of your estrogen comes from fat tissue.

Peer Health Owl Abeer Osman guided students through the process of a breast exam using a model, explaining the common misconceptions many people have about exams. Also, women who are overweight tend to have higher levels of insulin, yet another hormone. The breasts also contain lymph vessels. Therefore, it is essential to exercise regularly in order to stay fit.

"It can be hard to rule out suspicious swollenness because when a woman is ovulating or in their periods their hormones rise and if you do the test in this period it can be hard to know whether the changes in the breasts are due to menses or not". If you drink or smoke on a regular basis, it should be avoided.

But then she learned her cancer metastasized to her lungs in 2013.

"We want Pharmac to do better".

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