Published: Wed, October 10, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Preston Stone

Microsoft Will Roll Out Video Game Streaming Service in 2019

Microsoft Will Roll Out Video Game Streaming Service in 2019

The main idea behind Project xCloud is to allow users to play any video game where they feel the most comfortable, or where it's the most convenient, whether that's on a console, a computer or a mobile device.

"Our vision is for gamers to have access to the same content via game streaming that they do on other platforms, without any additional work required by the game developer", the spokesperson said. Named Project xCloud, the service is set to enable gamers to play the games they want from any device they want.

Microsoft Corp. today previewed Project xCloud, an upcoming service meant to make video games that now require a personal computer or a gaming console playable on mobile devices.

Public trials of the service will start in 2019, and will be compatible with thousands of games thanks to custom hardware in Microsoft's data centres. That time has now come and Project xCloud is official.

Project xCloud is already being tested on phones and tablets paired up with Xbox controllers via Bluetooth, although touch input is also available.

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But it also makes clear, "Consoles are still going to be the flagship experience", as one XBox techie says.

Not being reliant on a W-Fi connection could also open up game streaming to people with bad broadband connections but have access to a decent 4G service with plenty of data to chew through.

Today, the games you play are very much dictated by the device you are using. The service is powered by specially developed blade servers that the company is now testing in its Azure data center in Quincy, Washington. We've seen Switch in Japan running more powerful games via streaming, and we've seen Assassin's Creed Odyssey announced for streaming via Chrome, so it really does seem like the streaming future is on the way. The program is being made to make Xbox games playable on Android devices and tablets. The company promises a console-like experience on all devices.

If Microsoft can pull Project xCloud off, gamers will be one step closer to truly having the ability to play anywhere.

Microsoft has finally revealed more details about its game streaming technology, which the company has been drumming up for a while now.

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