Published: Wed, October 10, 2018
Medical | By Jackie Banks

10 things to know about Aussies and mental health

10 things to know about Aussies and mental health

The theme of the World Mental Health Day 2018 will demonstrate the importance of creating more services and better care for our young people, and the issues they are experiencing the most these days.

"This campaign has secured so much support from across the country which will be very significant when it comes to garnering the support of my MP colleagues", she said.

World Mental Health Day, on Wednesday is an opportunity to talk about mental health and raise awareness of what can be done to look after it.

It explained that in the last few years, attitudes to mental health have started to change. Conversely, young people with mental illness may be exposed to higher levels of stigma than adults. Minorities tend to have less access to and availability of mental health services, and according to the National Association of Mental Illness, African-Americans and Hispanic Americans used mental health services at about half the rate of whites in the past year.

"Finding out how many people get the illnesses was surprising, knowing how common it actually is". Identifying signs and symptoms transcends to early intervention, and hence a lesser burden of illness and early recovery.

"You have to be quite courageous to tackle something like this and raise it in a position of leadership where traditionally the stigma around mental health is [that it's] a weakness and could be potentially career limiting and if you talk you're going to get judged", he said.

To treat mental illness effectively, we must first overcome the stigma associated with it.

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Instead of worrying about what others, who doubt the necessity of mental health treatment think, focus on yourself and your own wellness!

Ian Foote, general manager at Xercise4Less Falkirk, said: "The physical benefits of exercise are well-known, but World Mental Health Day is the flawless opportunity to shine a light on the positive effects exercise has on our mental well-being". Nine out of 10 people (94%) felt that organisations should have a mental health policy, yet, less than a fifth (19%) of the organisations where they worked actually had mental health policies in place. Just like physical conditions, mental health conditions can be managed.

Corson says there is no health without mental health and talking about it can be the key to saving countless lives in the future.

However, only 11% of the money given to the NHS by the government is now spent on dealing with mental health issues.

It explained that the lack of such a facility can have dire effects on the diagnosis and treatment of children.

The Betterfuture: Better Mental Health programme has been built using the framework introduced by Building Mental Health; an industry-wide initiative joining construction businesses with active and freely available support, information and advice.

Encouraging conversation about mental health, the campaign use images showing people's most hard thoughts written across their faces, created by Charlie Clift and lettering artist Kate Forrester. Our mental health influences how we feel about ourselves and others, and how we respond to the things that happen to us.

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