Published: Tue, October 02, 2018
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Police restart an investigation into alleged rape by Cristiano Ronaldo

Police restart an investigation into alleged rape by Cristiano Ronaldo

Kathryn Mayorga said that the Portuguese footballer sexually assaulted her during a party in his hotel room suite in 2009.

In her lawsuit, Mayorga states that she did go to local authorities that same day, but did not name her alleged attacker until several weeks later after numerous police interviews.

Lawyers for Ronaldo have threatened to sue German magazine "Der Spiegel" for publishing the accusation.

Ronaldo, who now plays for Juventus in Italy's Serie A, rejected the charges as "fake news" in an Instagram post.

In an Instagram Live video, Ronaldo said: "No, no, no, no, no". "The reason why I signed the contract in the first place [was] because I didn't want my name out there". "I'm (a) happy man and all, all good". At that time, Kathryn alleges that Ronaldo turned her over and forcibly sodomized her while she screamed "no" repeatedly. It says he invited a group of people up to his suite "to enjoy the view of the Las Vegas strip" and then into the hot tub; according to the suit, he then barged in on her as she was changing, exposed himself and asked her for oral sex. A nurse who examined her said the same thing, she says in the lawsuit.

The Las Vegas metropolitan police department confirmed yesterday that its officers "responded to a call of a sexual assault on June 13, 2009. A medical exam was conducted", it said.

The file accuses Ronaldo and those working for him of battery, infliction of emotional distress, coercion and fraud, abuse of a vulnerable person, racketeering and civil conspiracy, defamation, abuse of process, breach of contract, and negligence for allowing details of the confidential settlement to leak out. Negotiations left her with "intrusive thoughts, an increased sense of extreme anxiety and fearfulness, complete helplessness and passivity", the lawsuit says. She says she struggled to maintain relationships or hold down a job.

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Ronaldo has since denied the allegations against him through a representative, calling them "untruthful and false".

According to Der Spiegel, the money that was paid to Mayorga as part of the settlement came from a bank account in the tax haven of British Virgin Islands, registered to a company that had held Ronaldo's earnings from advertising and sponsorship.

Der Spiegel's deputy editor-in-chief, Alfred Weinzierl, on Sunday said the magazine stood fully by its story.

"I have had like these serious breakdowns", she told the magazine.

This is one dive soccer superstar Christian Ronaldo may not recover from.

Ronaldo was also once arrested in 2007 during his time at Old Trafford as a Manchester United player.

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