Published: Tue, October 02, 2018
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California passes net neutrality law, Trump administration sues

California passes net neutrality law, Trump administration sues

The bill, which seeks to revive regulations repealed past year by the Federal Communications Commission, was signed by Gov.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he will defend the federal government's position.

Brown stopped short on Sunday of making California the first state to mandate public colleges and universities offer abortion medication at their health centers.

Jerry Brown signed a bill barring internet service providers from slowing customer speeds, blocking access to lawful content and offering "fast lanes" for large sites like Facebook, Google and Netflix. As far as the Justice Department is concerned, California's new law is an attempt to subvert the federal government's deregulatory approach. California is now set to wage a legal battle against the federal regulator that will decide the outcome of state-level net neutrality in the entire country. The suit was filed on Sunday with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California.

California's net neutrality law may have been inspired by the problems they encountered during their horrific wildfires this summer.

Elon Musk Out as Tesla Chairman After SEC Settlement, Remains CEO
On Aug. 24, after news of the SEC probe had become known, Musk blogged that Tesla would remain public, citing investor resistance. Musk denied the charges, saying in a statement , "This unjustified action by the SEC leaves me deeply saddened and disappointed".

In December, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) moved to roll back net-neutrality regulations, which were introduced in 2015 by the Obama administration to ensure an open and free internet. USTelecom, which represents companies in the broadband sector, said it supports net neutrality but disagreed with the California law.

Marc Martin, a former FCC staffer who is now chairman of communications practice at the law firm Perkins Coie, said typical "pre-emption" lawsuits filed by the federal government seek to bar states from ignoring properly enacted federal regulations such as the Voting Rights Act.

"Despite their army of lobbyists and millions spent lining the pockets of legislators, these companies continue to lose ground in the face of overwhelming cross-partisan opposition to their greedy attacks on our Internet freedom. And it's a beacon of hope for Internet users everywhere who are fighting for the basic right to express themselves and access information without cable and phone companies controlling what they can see and do online." said Evan Greer (pronouns: she/her), deputy director of Fight for the Future, the digital rights group that played a leading role in passing SB 822 and bringing national attention to the bill. An identical bill was introduced in NY. As a result, the Trump administration wants to make an example of California. California fought Trump and Sessions on their immigration lawsuit.

In March, Brown accused the Trump administration of essentially declaring war on the most populous US state after the Justice Department sued to stop policies that protect illegal immigrants against deportation.

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