Published: Sat, September 15, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Preston Stone

Samsung reveals Galaxy Note 9 in Arctic Silver

Samsung reveals Galaxy Note 9 in Arctic Silver

This week, the company announced a "4x fun" event on its website which it specifically refers to as 'A Galaxy Event, ' which suggests that either a new phone or a new tablet will make its debut.

The Galaxy Note 9 just launched last month, but another Samsung device may already be on the horizon.

This could indicate four cameras in total, which will be two on the back and two on the front.

The iPhone XS Max is now officially, we've all seen, heard Apple's take on it, and started to get our first idea about what these new iPhones are like.

Apple Watch Series 4 Makes Its Debut at iPhone Event
Moving to the battery life, Apple claims that the Watch 4 will have an 18-hour battery life which is similar to the older models. However, they are customizable allowing users to precisely display what information they would like to have on the screen.

The major players in the smartphone market are increasingly turning to enhancements in their camera systems as a way to out-flank their rivals. Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 9 appeared in all its splendor at a special occasion that occurred in the NY city City.

The invite interestingly does not include a location or time. With Huawei all set to announce their triple rear camera phone on 16th September, 4 cameras is not a long shot. The ET Times says that Samsung is having a hard time securing enough sensor components for the new phone line, so they are looking to diversify providers to be able to meet demand. Later it was asserted that this quad-camera device will not be the Galaxy F or S10.

Barely a month has passed since the announcement of the flagship Samsung Note 9, and the Korean vendor has already begun to develop his direct descendant. Some claimed Samsung's upcoming smartphone is not about Galaxy S10 but a new Galaxy A device. However, nothing could be commented on and, in order to find out which device will sport the four camera setup, if it comes, we need to wait till October 11. The pink and purple gradient finish for the device looks unlike anything we have seen from Samsung in the color department before.

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