Published: Sat, September 08, 2018
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Mercedes-Benz Unveils The EQC - 408 hp, Over 450 km Range

Mercedes-Benz Unveils The EQC - 408 hp, Over 450 km Range

The Mercedes EQC - whose launch programme in Stockholm features yoga in a direct appeal to the Millennials who have flocked to Tesla - is the first production model under the carmaker's electric EQ sub-brand. The front electric motor is optimised for best possible efficiency, while the rear one determines dynamism, according to the company. With a full charge the EQC offers an average (NEDC) range of 450km.

Speaking of energy, the 80-kWh battery places the EQC a little south of the competition, which will include the Jaguar i-Pace with its 90-kWh battery and Audi e-tron with its 95-kWh battery.

Powering the new electric SUV will be two motors placed on both the axles with an 80kWh lithium ion battery. Up to this point, there have been very few true luxury offerings in the electric vehicle segment, and Tesla's products (despite the big screens and interesting equipment) aren't quite on par - and the EQC is a model that's looking to change that.

Mercedes-Benz is starting production of its first long-range BEV in 2019.

As standard, the EQC is equipped with a water-cooled onboard charger with a capacity of 7,4 kW, making it suitable for AC charging at home or at public charging stations.

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As further detailed over at Hot Hardware, the EQC SUV will come in similar size with the company's earlier GLC crossover.

Wajih Hossenally, an automotive powertrain analyst with IHS Markit, said that Tesla has a strong hold on the EV market at present. "So, profitable growth must be part of the picture for electric mobility", he said. And if you're going to look at its concept model, then it probably would have dual motors that churn out 402 HP in a distance of 250 to 300 miles. Mercedes-Benz is calling it the "Mercedes-Benz among electric vehicles", and they're right in both literal and figurative terms.

The company meant to invest 10 billion euros ($12 billion) on the electric-car push, but the spending has become "more than that", he said Tuesday, without specifying figures. Mercedes plans to make its first electric vehicle at its factory in Bremen, where the automaker also makes its best-selling C-Class sedan. The EQC 400 is the clear leader among premium crossovers, turning each kilowatt-hour into an estimated 3.5 miles of travel, while the competing Audi e-Tron manages just 2.77 miles, and the Jaguar I-Pace only 2.67.

Audi on Monday began production of its e-Tron SUV ahead of a September 17 sales launch jamboree in San Francisco, just 40 miles from Tesla's Fremont assembly plant.

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