Published: Thu, August 30, 2018
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Andrew Cuomo Battles Cynthia Nixon Over NY Subways in Fiery Gov Debate

Andrew Cuomo Battles Cynthia Nixon Over NY Subways in Fiery Gov Debate

Cuomo argues he's better qualified to lead the state, but Nixon says he's a political insider who hasn't addressed corruption or New York City's aging subways. The crowd was animated and responsive as the opponents interrupted each other during particularly passionate moments of the debate.

"I said I would not run against him, because he is not corrupt like you are", said Nixon.

It's telling that the debate-the only time Cuomo and Nixon will meet face to face before next month's primary-is airing on a tape delay, because while unpredictability is good for TV, it's not always good when you're a politician.

Nixon came equipped with statistics and an array of policy positions on topics like rent control and transit funding, which Cuomo frequently rebuffed as flawed. And in a Democratic primary, it doesn't matter much that state-level single-payer health care and draconian rent control and letting public employees strike would all be disastrous in reality: Voters in the September 13 primary will eat it up.

Cuomo, who is seeking his third term as New York Governor, pledged not to run for President against Donald Trump in 2020, instead pledging to serve four full years as governor, if re-elected.

The President slammed Cuomo on twitter writing "How does a politician, Cuomo, known for pushing people and businesses out of his state, not to mention having the highest taxes in the USA, survive making the statement, WE'RE NOT GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, IT WAS NEVER THAT GREAT?"

At one point, Cuomo suggested that Nixon lived in a world of "fiction rather than facts".

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"You are a corporation", Cuomo said.

"Can you stop interrupting?" asked Cuomo.

Cuomo has been considered a possible presidential contender.

Three polls in recent months all had her trailing Cuomo by more than 30 percentage points.

"You are a corporation", Cuomo said. He said the only "corporate Democrat" ― a common pejorative used by candidates like Nixon, who was endorsed by the New York City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America ― was her. "When you file taxes as a corporation, you are a corporation".

"I am a person", Nixon said.

"I do work to protect workers and to give rights to workers, and paid family leave is one of the things that does it", said Cuomo.

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