Published: Wed, August 15, 2018
Sci-tech | By Eric Barnett

It'll be a stargazer's delight the next few nights watching the Perseids

It'll be a stargazer's delight the next few nights watching the Perseids

Affect visibility of the meteor shower can only be increased cloud cover and the lights of the night.

Ellis said you can expect to see 50-100 meteors per hour, "shooting stars".

"I think that everybody should see this", said Miralem Mehic, a Bosnian from an worldwide group of star gazers who watched the light show at the Sand Pyramids - an area of naturally occurring sand columns - near the town of Foca.

Before we had back to work or school if you can stay up a little late tonight you are in for a treat as the Perseid meteor shower will be peaking early Monday morning between midnight and 5am with as many as one every couple minutes.

The shower has its origin in a comet called Swift-Tuttle. Earlier in the night, there will be fewer ones, but the ones that appear will have longer tails as they graze along more of the atmosphere. As Earth makes its yearly journey around the sun, it moves through these clouds of comet debris, introducing many meteors at once into the atmosphere, resulting in what we know as a meteor shower.

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Stargazers who want to see the show without risking mosquito bites can also watch the meteor shower on a live stream here. However, the meteor showers will technically be visible all through the month. The meteoroid vaporises and turns into a meteor. Meteors are made of dust and ice.

Quadrantids, next active January 1 through January 10 in 2019.

Perseids, often most active July 13 through August 26.

Leonids, next active November 5 to November 30, 2018. They are the Perseids, occurring this month and the Geminids that take place in December.

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