Published: Sat, August 04, 2018
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Trump addresses thousands at Tampa rally

Trump addresses thousands at Tampa rally

Despite great enthusiasm among the president's supporters, protestors made their voices heard outside the rally.

The Trump administration announced a $12 billion farm aid package last week, prompting some farmers and farm-state lawmakers, including Trump's fellow Republicans, to criticise the move, saying they would rather trade with no tariffs than receive government help.

A final decision has not been made, and a number of Trump's threats toward China have been designed more to bring Chinese President Xi Jinping to the negotiating table than to fundamentally change United States economic policy, said the person, who insisted on anonymity to discuss White House deliberations.

"We just want to hear what the other side has to say", said Kristin Panozzo, 22, of Tampa.

But for Laura Manson of Lakeland, Trump is too divisive.

"No good. Not nice", he said.

Kathleen Martin of Bushnell, sat in a wheelchair in the long line waiting to get inside for the rally. But in footage of the candidate with his kids, we see he's reading them The Art of the Deal and building a border wall out of toy bricks. "These are people who don't care about people pouring into our country when they shouldn't be here", Trump said, in a searing attack on Democratic candidates.

Next Month, NASA Will Be Declaring Crew Members For SpaceX And Boeing
So, for the last seven years, the American space agency has been paying its Russian counterpart for crew transportation services. No launch date has been set for NASA's satellite fix demonstration, but the mission is expected to happen between 2020 and 2022.

THE FACTS: This concern, often voiced by Trump as well, stems from an unsupported theory that voter fraud has shaped election outcomes. That's support she once gave to the president.

"I'll always leave room for negotiation", he said. "I'll follow him to the end".

But it was also a flash of self-awareness by an idiosyncratic politician who intimately understands his own method as one of the great political entertainers, whose skill at fanning resentments is fundamental to his appeal for a large chunk of voters.

"There's no doubt that the "Trump bump" is real and DeSantis got a lift from it".

"Remember I said, 'What do you have to lose?' Right?" he said, pointing to a man in the crowd holding a "Blacks for Trump" sign. "I'm opposed to the manner to which Trump regards women, regards immigrants, regards minorities. And after while, you forget, who's the senator?" The 17-year-old senior-to-be at Palm Harbor High School expressed interest in finding like-minded young conservatives in high school and college. He'll then head to Tampa Bay Technical High School where he'll talk about workforce development and perform a ceremonial signing of H.E. 2353, the "Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act". Republican Gov. Rick Scott - who supported Trump's campaign and is now hoping to unseat Sen. Trump attacked public opinion polls, except one that said he was popular among Republicans.

"We need to elect more Republicans".

Party leaders typically avoid taking sides in competitive primaries, but Trump has relished showing off his popularity and influence by endorsing preferred Republicans.

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