Published: Thu, August 02, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Preston Stone

Google is Officially Rolling Out Dark Mode On YouTube for Android Users

Google is Officially Rolling Out Dark Mode On YouTube for Android Users

YouTube have launched their dark theme on their Android app, 4 months after they launched the feature to happy iOS users.

Some people also believe that black or darker interfaces save battery, but the fact isn't entirely accurate.

The process to turn dark mode on and off is similar in laptop and desktop devices.

After a long wait, Google is finally testing dark mode on Android. There is a "Dark theme" toggle underneath Digital Wellbeing's "Remind me to a take a break" feature.

Once the Dark Mode is enabled, the color of app's UI elements is inverted from white to black (check image above).

YouTube's app isn't the only one to offer a "dark mode".

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Google is said to finally roll out its famous "dark theme" on YouTube for.

If you're using Android then you can download the latest update of YouTube from the Google Play Store.

It also says that it can be turned on and off in the app's settings. "Plus, this is consistent with many other applications that have a dark mode". It's not been confirmed how soon this feature will become a permanent fixture but it may be some time before this feature is released for all. It's great for offering a more cinematic user experience, as well as cutting down the glare from light reflection on the screen.

YouTube has been making changes and adding updates to both its site and app since last August.

However, the roll out for the new feature is not universal, meaning not all devices can now take advantage of it.

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