Published: Mon, July 30, 2018
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Giuliani says he's not sure collusion is a crime

Giuliani says he's not sure collusion is a crime

It was then reported that Cohen says Trump knew of a meeting in NY in June 2016 between key aides and several Russians promising compromising information on Hillary Clinton.

Cohen has said he and a number of other people were present when Donald Trump Jr. informed his father about the offer from the Russians - adding that the then-Republican candidate approved the meet, according to CNN.

"That's the three-minute one involving the McDougal payment, AMI-McDougal payment", Giuliani said, referring to Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who claimed she had an affair with the president. "If they rely on him ... it would destroy whatever case they have".

Trump again criticized the Mueller investigation as a waste of time and money, after the New York Times reported that investigators were examining the president's messages on Twitter for possibly obstructing justice. Cohen has been hoping to use that information as a part of a deal from federal prosecutors who are investigating him. The Russian government said through intermediaries to Trump Jr. that it was supporting Trump and wanted to help the campaign.

Federal prosecutors in NY are investigating Cohen for possible bank and tax fraud, and for possible campaign law violations linked to a $130,000 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels, who has claimed she had a sexual encounter with Trump, and other matters related to Trump's campaign, a person familiar with the investigation has told Reuters.

Anthony Scaramucci was asked yesterday whether he believes Cohen or Trump.

As you watch Trump's defenders retreating over the horizon, a salient fact to bear in mind is that there are probably more revelations to come with regard to collusion. That's the date when Trump made that primary election night victory speech where he teased his upcoming anti-Hillary speech where he'd reveal a bunch of new dirt on Hillary, a speech that ended up never happening.

"We've had it analyzed by several experts, not just for audio", Giuliani said.

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In a separate interview on the CBS show "Face the Nation", Giuliani said he's aware of "something like 183 unique conversations on tape" from Cohen.

Giuliani told Fox he has hired technicians to determine if someone tampered with the tape, which cuts off abruptly.

"They had thought that September, early September, would be a good guideline".

She noted that Giuliani called Cohen an "honest, honorable lawyer" on "This Week" in May.

However, Fox also reports that sources say Cohen has a "treasure trove" of information on the president.

But Lanny Davis, Cohen's lawyer, told Cuomo that "Richard Nixon couldn't spin the tape that did him in ..."

In an ABC News interview released on July 2, Cohen said his family and the country commanded his "first loyalty", the first fuel to that speculation.

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