Published: Sat, July 21, 2018
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Sonia terms Modi speech as old rhetoric, Rahul says it was weak

Sonia terms Modi speech as old rhetoric, Rahul says it was weak

The lower house of the Indian parliament on Friday began to debate the no-confidence motion.The first to speak was an MP from the TDP, who moved in the motion against the government followed by Rakesh Singh, a lawmaker from the BJP before Rahul Gandhi's turn came. Who are being helped? "So the prime minister and his president act out of fear and this fear generates anger".

After gathering his wits, Modi called Gandhi again to shake hands and pat his back, and the opposition leader winked mischieviously at Congress colleagues after returning to his seat. For a while, the PM looked surprised before recovering from Gandhi's bear hug in a House that hitherto was Modi's unchallenged stage and where Gandhi was known only for scoring self-goals. On reaching Modi's seat, Rahul again asked him to rise and opened his arms for a hug. However, it did not specifically mention whether the classified information included details of the pricing, over which the Congress has made allegations. "This is the launch of a campaign which will send them packing in 2019 Lok Sabha polls". "India will be watching us closely". "I met the French prime minister that is there a pact, but he said that there is no such pact between the two countries".

"Everybody can see the kind of money that is spent on the Prime Minister's marketing and where that money comes from. The gentleman benefited to the tune of Rs 45,000 crore", Gandhi alleged.

Modi himself is known for his bear hugs, embracing world leaders such as U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The contract was taken away from HAL, a PSU, he said. "The PM can not be truthful, I understand", he said, triggering laughter. There is a touch of nervousness.

"The topics that Rahul Gandhi had raised today, did have some base", he said in an interview. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar also rejected the charges. Entire family does not care for the Constitution, he said. "Some people are in a rush to get to the treasury benches". "Sach se daro mat (don't be afraid of truth)".

"People are being beaten, PM Modi doesn't say a word".

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Modi said that the opposition knew that it didn't have enough support to defeat his government.

"For the first time in history, India is unable to safeguard its women. These incidents of violence are not against an individual but an attack on Parliament and the Constitution, which was prepared by (B.R.) Ambedkar", he said.

Ministers are garlanding those accused of such crimes and talking of changing the Constitution, he said. So we can not support TDP, BJP or even the Congress. "The government sailed through with a bigger margin than expected, but with Lok Sabha elections looming, the drama has just begun", the newspaper said.

He further observed, "Some people were asking as to why was the motion even moved".

The political weapon is the "Jumla strike". Because I am Congress.

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