Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Preston Stone

Microsoft’s new Surface Go tablet features 10-inch screen, starts at $399

Microsoft’s new Surface Go tablet features 10-inch screen, starts at $399

It looks like Microsoft is getting ready to introduce a new Surface device.

Looking for a new device? Let's take a look at how all of their specs compare. Just as netbooks outgrew seven-inch form factors to making typing feasible, Microsoft's given Surface Go buyers a path to easier input.

Available for pre-order in selected markets starting from today onwards, the 4GB/64GB version of the device will go for United States dollars 399 (about RM 1604) while the 8GB/128GB model is listed at USD 549 (about RM 2206).

The Go is coming at a time when tablets in general have become a hard category for tech companies to crack, disappointing the high expectations of analysts who thought they might replace computers completely when the first iPad was introduced in 2010. Apple's vanilla tablet starts at $329, with just 32GB of storage.

Microsoft seems poised to make an announcement about its next Surface or Surfaces tomorrow morning. Given its processor, the Windows device will likely do fine with word processing, web access, and similar low-demand tasks.

It runs a full version of Windows 10.

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Now, when we consider the Surface Go's design with its accessories, the right color really does add on to its overall aesthetics. Not a huge difference, but possibly noticeable. Check. Built-in kickstand? Check. This possibly accounts for the additional weight. Otherwise, you get a single port for USB-C - a new universal standard that replaces the USB slot you might be familiar with. It does have a headphone jack, though. Microsoft promises nine hours of battery life from its latest tablet.

Surface Go will run versions of Windows 10 and Office apps. Normally, I'd try to be even-handed and say that, if you want a tablet, you either want an iPad or a flagship Android model. Surface Go Type Covers are $99 or $129 for the fabric-covered Alcantara versions, and the mouse is $34.99. It's a direct question to Apple at this point, who have struggled to make compelling cases for tossing aside your laptop in favour of an iPad with a keyboard.

Both tablets are compatible with pressure-sensitive pens, though neither come with them.

While questions remain around customer demand for a lower-power Windows machine from Microsoft, experts were broadly positive about the introduction of a cheaper Surface device, saying that it made Microsoft's offerings more competitive with Apple's iPad and Google's Chromebooks, which have found success in the education market.

The Surface Go can be pre-ordered as of July 10th, US time, in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

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