Published: Mon, June 25, 2018
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Meet Zsa Zsa, the world’s ugliest dog

Meet Zsa Zsa, the world’s ugliest dog

A nine-year-old English bulldog was named the victor of the 2018 World's Ugliest Dog contest.

I think they're all dead cute and are very good boys and girls, but there can only be one victor (if you can call the title of Ugliest Dog a win) and that was Zsa Zsa the English bulldog with her unbelievably long tongue and weirdly rounded front legs.

Zsa Zsa and her large tongue not only beat out the other dogs, but she brought ome $1500.

Dogs in the competition flaunt their imperfections as they walk down a red carpet with their owners.

Zsa Zsa takes the title from last year's victor Martha - a four-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff, who has a very droopy face and bad gas, according to her owner Shirley Zindler who rescued the handsome dog from Dogwood Animal Rescue Project.

Nine-year-old Zsa Zsa belongs to Megan Brainard, who will pick up $1,500 (£1,130) for her pooch's win.

Zsa Zsa won the title Saturday night at the Sonoma-Marin Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma.

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During the competition, she often plopped down on her side on stage with her droopy face spread across the ground when she was supposed to be showing off. Here's what our winning pup's profile had to say about her life before World's Ugliest Dog stardom. "Zsa Zsa was then purchased by Underdog Rescue".

Last year's victor, a delightfully floppy and seemingly half-melted Neapolitan Mastiff named Martha, didn't compete this year. It took several surgeries before she was able to see again.

This year's dogs include a blackhead-covered Chinese Crested-Dachshund mutt and a bulldog mix with excess wrinkly skin.

The competition is now in its 30th year.

Rather than poke fun at the dogs, the competition celebrates canines in all their shapes and sizes, many of whom, like this year's victor, come from shelters or puppy mills.

Good causes underline the World's Ugliest Dog awards.

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