Published: Sat, June 23, 2018
Global | By Enrique Rogers

Priest loses his temper and slaps a baby during baptism

Priest loses his temper and slaps a baby during baptism

In the video, the priest can be seen making a shape of the cross over the baby's body before he begins to cry.

The priest won't let go, however, as he holds the stunned baby to his chest, with his hand over the baby's face to muffle the howls.

But when the crying doesn't stop, the priest seems to grow frustrated and slaps the baby in the face.

Finally the child's father interjects, removing the child from the situation.

However, the priest is speaking French and the story appeared on a local news website of Martinique and Guadeloupe, French territories in the Caribbean Sea.

The video has already been viewed over a million times on YouTube. A man and woman, who appear to be the child's parents, looked shocked by the slap.

"I'm going to put water on the forehead, and after I'll embrace the young fellow". Ohlalalala! I will scream louder than you.

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Dozens of comments have been left below the original video expressing dismay at the priest's actions.

"I'm trying to figure out why no one slapped the old man back", one person said.

"This is disturbing, and has really upset me", another tweeted.

Emily MacDonald wrote: 'He wasn't a man of God.

This isn't the first baptism video to cause controversy, with one Greek orthodox priest's enthusiastic technique coming under fire.

It's unclear when and where the video was taken.

Orthodox baptisms are usually done "forcefully" but many online commentators have criticised the priest's rather rough approach.

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