Published: Mon, June 18, 2018
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Rudy Giuliani Says President Trump Could Use Pardon Power After Russia Probe

Rudy Giuliani Says President Trump Could Use Pardon Power After Russia Probe

Strzok is at the center of the controversy over the FBI's handling of both the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump investigations, as he exchanged thousands of text messages with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, including many anti-Trump messages.

Giuliani pushed back Sunday on the notion that in discussing his pardon power, the president had been suggesting doing anything untoward. The five who have pleaded guilty include Michael T. Flynn, Trump's first national security adviser, who admitted to lying to investigators and is cooperating with Mueller's team. Trump expressed his sympathy for Manafort tweeting, "Wow, what a tough sentence for Paul Manafort, who has represented Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole and many other top political people and campaigns". He also worked with Mueller's team investigating potential links between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign, before he was sacked for sending inappropriate messages to an Federal Bureau of Investigation lawyer.

Giuliani's remarks come two days after Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was sent to jail to await trial on more than 20 charges as part of the special counsel's probe.

Giuliani says Mr Trump retains his right to pardon and could do so after special counsel Robert Mueller's report is complete, if people were treated "unfairly".

But he did accuse the Mueller investigation - yet again - of being "political" and rife with "unfairness", perhaps unfair enough to merit pardons for those who get caught by it. "Wackadoodles", Giuliani said at the rally Saturday, invoking the historic Manhattan hospital's notorious psychiatric ward while gesturing to his head with wide eyes. "I couldn't and I don't want to take any prerogatives away from him".

Giuliani also pointed to a Justice Department inspector general's report as vindication of the president's position.

Rudy Giuliani speaks at the Iran Freedom Convention for Human Rights and democracy in Washington
Rudy Giuliani speaks at the Iran Freedom Convention for Human Rights and democracy in Washington

Sen. Susan Collins of ME said on CBS' "Face the Nation" that she thought it was helpful Giuliani has recommended against pardons.

It also said, according to the new IG report, that Comey was deliberately drawing out the Clinton email investigation to help Republicans.

"WITCH HUNT! There was no Russian Collusion". Several officials who worked on the Clinton probe also worked on the bureau's Russian Federation investigation, but the report found no evidence that political leanings affected any decisions made during the Clinton probe.

After calling for an investigation, Giuliani said that Mueller's probe into possible ties and coordination between the Trump campaign and Kremlin is "illegal" and "unethical". "Oh, I see, there was no Russian Collusion, so now they look for obstruction on the no Russian Collusion". What about Comey and Crooked Hillary and all of the others? The phony Russian Collusion was a made up Hoax.

"I don't want to do it", Giuliani said, referring to a Mueller interview with Trump.

"I mean, when you look at Peter Strzok and what he said about me, when you look at [James] Comey and all his moves".

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