Published: Wed, June 06, 2018
Global | By Enrique Rogers

On migrants & Moscow, Italy’s new foreign policy makes waves

On migrants & Moscow, Italy’s new foreign policy makes waves

But the markets were reassured by the formation of a new government, which came three months after elections resulted in a political stalemate with no single party or alliance winning control of Parliament.

The UK is, Prime Minister May said, leaving the European Union but it is not leaving Europe, and having good relations with the European Union and member states was of great importance.

Mattarella had triggered a fresh crisis at the weekend when he vetoed eurosceptic Paolo Savona as economy minister in a previously proposed Five Star-League government. The ceremony took place in Rome.

Asked about the arrival of Salvini on Sunday, Marco Rotunno of the UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, said it was too early to comment but added that "there are a lot of people fleeing war and persecution who are in need of global protection".

After weeks of political drama that had at one stage seemed certain to lead to new elections, President Sergio Mattarella named academic Giuseppe Conte as prime minister for the second time in less than a fortnight and approved the political novice's revised cabinet.

Between them, the League and 5-Stars have a thin parliamentary majority, and some right-wing lawmakers outside the government have vowed to abstain rather than vote against them. He became a compromise choice for premier when rivals Di Maio and Salvini refused to let the other hold the top post.

A controversial agreement between Italy's former centre left government and authorities and militias in Libya has triggered a fall in overall arrivals of some 75 percent since the summer of 2017.

US employers keep on hiring despite growing trade concerns
It is not required for the president to see the jobs report number in advance. "He didn't give any numbers". They said we don't make things in America anymore, because the Chinese will do it at slave labor rates.

"We will work to realise the political objectives included in the government contract".

Di Maio also will serve as industry and labor minister, while Salvini will serve as minister of the interior.

After the swearing-in, Salvini told reporters his first order of business would be to "reduce the arrivals and increase the expulsions" of migrants, as well as the costs associated with their care.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen tweeted: "It's a victory of democracy over intimidation and threats from the European Union".

The League has also faced widespread criticism for xenophobic, anti-immigrant policies reminiscent of those forwarded by far-right parties across Europe, such as Germany's AfD and the National Front in France. Nigel Farage, a British force behind the successful Brexit movement, advised Italy's populists to "stay strong or the bully boys will be after you".

"Bravo, the coalition of Matteo Salvini's Lega party [and the M5S led by Di Maio], which has ultimately formed a new Italian government".

"I think it's better to spend money in the countries of origin, and now if there are NGOs that want to work for free, that's fine", Salvini said.

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