Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
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Fallout 76: our best and worst guesses about what it actually is

Fallout 76: our best and worst guesses about what it actually is

Bethesda's first teaser trailer had everything we've come to expect from a Fallout teaser, with nostalgic music, slow pans across deserted vaults and interiors, and of course iconic Fallout symbols, such as the Pip-Boy.

Well, there's nothing saying the game can't be both and according to sources that have spoken to Kotaku, an online survival RPG is what has been used to best sum up the newest Fallout game.

It is likely the game will be created using the Fallout 4 engine, much like Fallout: New Vegas was based on Fallout 3, even though it was an entirely separate game.

The vaults in the Fallout series are large bomb shelter's and living areas that were created to protect large groups of people from the threat of a nuclear holocaust.

The game will take place around Vault 76 and its few residents who reside there after the fallout.

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After Bethesda's cryptic tweets and Twitch stream of the familiar "Please Stand By" reel from past Fallout loading screens they made an unexpected announcement by the name of Fallout 76.

While some companies announce games years before they arrive, Bethesda is well-known for announcing games close to their official release. With this setup, one of the main objectives of Fallout 76 is for players to make their mark onto the world and literally rebuild things from the ground up a generation after the nuclear bombs fell. Set for release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the next game looks to focus a lot more on life within the insular inner-worlds of Vaults, and what comes after.

If Bethesda is in a teasing mood, this could be our release date. The teaser doesn't reveal any gameplay footage, but it does feature an eerie view of the vault, which appears to be devoid of life. Kotaku reports there will be some online component to the game.

We might get to play as only one of the Reclaimers, or we might assume control of a handful of them. Bethesda is promising more information at their E3 conference on June 10th. After waiting for a day, a new game was announced, titled: FALLOUT 76.

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