Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
Sport | By Stuart Potter

Browns' Damarious Randall pledges jerseys if Cavaliers win National Basketball Association title

Browns' Damarious Randall pledges jerseys if Cavaliers win National Basketball Association title

It is not known if Randall's retweets had set a Twitter record for an athlete. So, his tweet got more retweet action than others that were up for more than five days longer.

"Do I get a trophy for that?" he asked.

Randall committed to the wager before his tweet exploded, guaranteeing that he would come through if the bill came due. "I didn't think people were going to actually view that as a serious tweet from me". "I do not think that he meant any harm".

The number presently sits at just under 850,000 and only figures to go up from here. "I really can't imagine how it'll be once the Browns start winning a lot of games here".

Playing for one of Cleveland's teams, however, and openly rooting against another isn't a wise move.

Randall is from Florida, but said he became a fan of Curry's after the shooting star made a name for himself at Davidson College and went pro. And according to a report from ESPN, Randall would have pulled for the Cavs had the Houston Rockets advanced from the Western Conference.

The Houston Rockets Died By The 3 Against The Warriors
Considering the ups and downs of this series and the mystique of the Warriors, it's about the best thing we can hope for. With about 50 seconds to go during the last quarter of Game 5, Paul was attempting a floater when he fell to the floor.

He definitely said something stupid again on Monday night. I think he has a love and a respect for Curry, obviously.

When one person replied, "Zero percent chance he delivers", Randall retweeted and commented, "100% chance". It's a small city with a fan base that wants its athletes to support the hometown team.

"Don't hit send", Browns quarterback Tyrod Taylor said.

Randall didn't specify the type of jerseys he would purchase - Cavaliers, Browns or another team - or the quality. A former second-round pick, Randall is entering the fourth year of a four-year, $7.9 million rookie contract. And it doesn't sound like he'll be receiving any loans from his coaches or teammates, either. Like I said, I think it was all done in fun. "We're just going to watch the series and see how everything folds out".

"I don't think any Cleveland fans would sell me any tickets anymore", Randall said.

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