Published: Thu, May 31, 2018
Global | By Enrique Rogers

Taliban, Afghan officials in ceasefire talks: U.S

Taliban, Afghan officials in ceasefire talks: U.S

John Nicholson reported on Wednesday that a group of militants who attacked the Afghan Interior Ministry in downtown Kabul were actually wearing US Army uniforms, and driving a Humvee in an attempt to bypass checkpoints.

A spokesman for the ministry, Najib Danesh, said eight suicide bombers were involved in the attack, which began with a vehicle bombing outside the compound.

"PD1 police chief and two other policemen were killed in the attack and eight civilians were wounded", he said, adding "the building of PD1 police has also suffered damages". Both the ISIS affiliate and the Taliban have launched several attacks in Kabul in recent months, killing hundreds of people. However, a USA government watchdog agency recently reported that it saw few signs that this strategy was working, while acknowledging that the Afghan security forces are getting better training.

No group immediately asserted responsibility for the strike, which occurred three weeks after a group of Taliban fighters and sympathizers of the Islamic State separately staged two complex attacks on two police stations in Kabul.

Afghan special forces have freed more than 100 prisoners held by the Taliban, including women and children, in an operation in the southern province of Helmand, the military says.

"Provincial cities have also been hit as the Taliban, seeking to reimpose hardline Islamic rule, have stepped up fighting across the country since they announced the beginning of their annual spring offensive in April". "The attackers were not able to enter the ministry".

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The militants traded fire with security force before they were killed within minutes.

Elsewhere in Afghanistan, the Taliban attacked a district headquarters in the northern Takhar province, killing five security forces, according to provincial police spokesman Khalil Asir.

"The latest violence coincided with a USA government report that found few signs of progress in Afghanistan this year, with fighting spreading and hundreds of casualties from militant attacks".

The nomination, which will elevate Gen. Miller to a four-star general, has been made amid a brutal spate of Taliban terrorist attacks and high-profile USA military operations that have bloodied both sides during this year's fighting season.

In Kabul, the gunmen who attacked the Interior Ministry were either shot dead by police or died when they detonated their explosives, Danesh said.

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