Published: Thu, May 31, 2018
Global | By Enrique Rogers

Russian journalist Babchenko alive, murder staged as Ukraine secret service operation

Russian journalist Babchenko alive, murder staged as Ukraine secret service operation

Russian investigators have opened their own investigation into the killing and said they are ready to cooperate with Ukraine.

Grytsak, during his press conference, thanked Babchenko and his family, who he said were in the loop about the secret operation.

"I'm still alive and not going anywhere".

Vasily Gritsak, head of the Ukrainian security service, revealed to the press Wednesday afternoon that Babchenko's death was an elaborate hoax that had been planned for months.

Ukrainian security officials said two people were apprehended as a result of the sting: a Ukrainian man allegedly paid by Russian Federation to facilitate the foiled assassination, and the thwarted gunman himself.

Mr Babchenko, a critic of President Vladimir Putin and veteran war correspondent, lived in exile in Kiev. He left Russian Federation in February 2017, saying he was receiving threats and concerned he might be jailed. He apologised to her at the press conference. He apologized to his wife for putting her through a "nightmare", but said there was no other alternative to playing dead. He also said that a Ukrainian national, now detained, had planned to go to Russian Federation via a third country upon completing the contract.

"I would like to apologise for what you have all had to go through", Mr Babchenko, who looked on the verge of tears at times, told reporters.

"The important thing is my life has been saved and other, bigger terrorist attacks have been thwarted", he said. Russian Federation denounced the faked killing as an outlandish attempt at defamation by its neighbour and foe.

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He has contributed to a number of media outlets including top opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta and is an avid blogger, accusing Russian authorities of killing Kremlin critics and unleashing wars in Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere.

Groysman added: "The killers should be punished". The Ukrainian Interior Ministry released a sketch of a suspect wearing a cap and showing a beard, aged around 40 to 45-years-old.

Killing Babchenko was part of a larger alleged plot by Russian security services, Gritsak said.

But the trading of words appeared to be in vain.

Ukrainian officials announced this afternoon Babchenko's death was a ruse organized by the police.

Simon Otrovsky, a journalist who worked alongside Babchenko, tweeted on Wednesday: "While I am very happy Arkady is alive I am also angry and confused because my fellow reporters and I spent yesterday posting and reading memories we shared of him and feeling very down and out".

Babchenko, clad in a black sweatshirt, walked into the room as other reporters gasped and exclaimed their surprise, then broke into applause. "Like many dissidents, I am used to abuse, but a recent campaign against me was so personal, so scary, that I was forced to flee".

In March of the same year, former Russian MP Denis Voronenkov was shot dead outside a hotel in Kiev. He had fled to the country as he feared for his life in Russian Federation. Questioned Deloire. "There can be no grounds for faking a journalist's death". He also promised he would drive an American military truck through central Moscow. He died five years later.

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