Published: Thu, May 31, 2018
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Police release body camera footage of violent beach arrest

Police release body camera footage of violent beach arrest

Police in Wildwood, New Jersey, have released three body camera videos showing the violent arrest of a woman over Memorial Day weekend.

Weinman now faces several charges, including two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer.

An officer saw alcohol around Weinman, 20, on the New Jersey beach Saturday and had her twice blow into a breathalyzer.

One of the officers tells her: "You're about to get dropped".

Beachgoers try to intervene as Weinman screams, "You're not allowed to hit me and choke me like that".

In the meantime, retired law enforcement officer Steve Rogers says you should give the cops your name if they suspect a crime. She also shouts obscenities at the officers the entire time.

Wildwood mayor Ernie Troiano Jr. told the Inquirer that Weinman insulted the officers and spit on them; Weinman had denied those claims and insisted that she was attempting to get sand out of her mouth after the officers put her on the ground.

The incident gained global attention over the weekend when a bystander posted video to social media showing an officer punching Emily Weinman in the head during the arrest.

In a Monday Facebook post, which has since been taken down, Weinman admitted to possessing alcohol, but that she hadn't been drinking.

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"Officers have to use only the modicum of force necessary to effect a lawful arrest". Robert Jordan. In a statement released by Wildwood police, they said: This matter is still under investigation, however, in an effort to insure transparency with the public we serve, it was imperative that this video be released as soon as feasibly possible. Emily was then charged with spitting at the officer, kicking him in the groin and resisting arrest, so could she end up going to prison?

I go to stop her for. underage drinking.

Weinman's lawyer say the videos show police overreacted.

The videos show the woman and the two officers arguing about unopened cans of alcohol. Wildwood officials say the videos show Weinman assaulting the officers first. "The police did their job", said Troiano, who added he's a former bouncer and doorman.

"The number of people who think she got what she deserved is appalling", Dicht said.

"From what I see on the video and only on the video, from not even talking to the officers, I think they did a decent job", Regalbuto told

At one point, once she's already on the ground, the cop again declares "that's it", and begins pummeling her on the top of the head. The three officers involved in the altercation have been reassigned to administrative duty, pending the investigation.

A court date was set for June 6, though Dicht said it will probably be rescheduled for an unknown date.

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