Published: Wed, May 30, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Preston Stone

Mega Man 11 Set to Drop on October 2

Mega Man 11 Set to Drop on October 2

CAPCOM began streaming a trailer for its upcoming Mega Man 11 game for for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Tuesday.

The trailer for Mega Man 11 shows the typical hectic platform gameplay that the series is renowned for, based in a setting that shows off the combination of 2.5D and 3D graphics and improved character design. Light installs a new ability in Mega Man called the Double Gear system.

You're also able to "double charge" your Mega Buster for an even more powerful blast. The Speed Gear slows down time, allowing you to make some tough platforming sections or to figure attack patterns for those tricky bosses.

Dr. Wily also has new Robot Masters ready to face the Blue Bomber. The new Double Gear mechanics offer further boosts to speed, power, and health.

Warriors to play Game 7 without Andre Iguodala
That just means James Harden will have to heighten his game to a level he's never reached especially on a stage like this. The media already dubbed LeBron's support cast as the weakest since 2007, and the Warriors still have Kevin Durant .

Players can already pre-order Mega Man 11 to receive extra bonuses, which includes in-game alternate soundtrack DLC. Jump, slide, shoot, and more through challenging stages and Robot Masters.

Mega Man is back!

Spotted by Twitter user Wario64, over the weekend a store page temporarily had the game listed for an October 3rd release date. There's an an amiibo Edition you can pre-order, which bundles in the new NFC figure, some stickers, a patch, a microfiber cloth and a copy of the game.

Rather than following the current trend for replicating the graphical style of the 8-bit era, Mega Man 11 features a new anime aesthetic that's... interesting. The listing also describes the new "Double Gear System", which can be used to increase Mega Man's speed and power in some yet-to-be defined way.

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