Published: Tue, May 29, 2018
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Service dog gives birth to 8 puppies at Tampa Airport gate

Service dog gives birth to 8 puppies at Tampa Airport gate

Tampa Fire Rescue team members stationed at the airport immediately responded.

It was hard to control the father of the puppies during the delivery.

Diane Van Atter and her stepmother were on their way to Philadelphia with their two service dogs when the female, Eleanor Rigby, went into labour, NBC news reports.

"Eleanor Rigby, a golden retriever service dog, was about to board a plane to Philly when she went into labour at Gate 80".

Plastic and cotton mats were placed on the ground, to give Ellie a sterile surface and protect the carpeting in the terminal.

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Ellie, who was pregnant with 8 puppies, gave birth one-by-one with the puppies' dad, Nugget, also Van Atter's dog, right by her side.

Dozens of travelers at the airport were gathered around watching the delivery.

"Tampa paramedics do it all!"

And now, in addition to their human, both Ellie and Nugget have their own little canine family to take care of. They announced that six puppies - all boys - were born, and they were patiently awaiting the seventh pup.

Ellie is short for the service dog's full name, which is Eleanor Rigby.

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