Published: Tue, May 29, 2018
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Civil defense: Lava claims 10 additional homes in Puna and 'prob

Civil defense: Lava claims 10 additional homes in Puna and 'prob

Tourism officials say Hawaii's Big Island has lost about $3 million for May, June and July as major cruise lines have canceled planned stops because of an erupting volcano.

Residents remain concerned that lava from the erupting volcano could trigger release of toxic gas from the power plant's wells; Jeff Paul reports from Pahoa, Hawaii. "Also due to preventative measures, neither well is expected to release any hydrogen sulfide", it said.

Magma has drained from Kilauea's summit lava lake and flowed around 40 kilometres east underground, bursting out of about two dozen giant cracks or fissures near the plant.

The police may have to resort to air evacuations in case the lava traps more residential area.

NASA said the image couldn't be acquired until clouds cleared from the area just enough to see the lava.

On Friday afternoon, firefighters went door to door in Leilani Estates urging resident to leave as the lava advanced toward the neighborhood.

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Marines are on standby, ready to airlift residents if lava cuts off more streEts, leaving people stranded. NASA's Earth Observatory also shared a nighttime view of the lava flows in the form of a false-color view of the molten rock taken by the Operational Land Imager on Landsat 8.

Since the first outbreak happened more than three weeks ago, lava has claimed at least 92 structures in lower Puna (including 41 homes) and covered some 2,400 acres in lower Puna (or about 3.8 square miles).

"I never got to. walk in my house one last time", she said, on her family's GoFundMe page, which had been started to help offset evacuation costs.

Scientists believe the volcanic activity may be a precursor to a major eruption similar to the one that shook the island in the mid-1920s.

According to Hawaii County Civil Defense, no hydrogen sulfide gas has been detected at the site.

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