Published: Sat, May 26, 2018
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Ireland set to liberalise abortion law- exit poll suggests

Ireland set to liberalise abortion law- exit poll suggests

Friends star showed her support for the yes when she tweeted a video in which Irish stars like Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and Saoirse Ronan pleaded with viewers to vote in favour of repealing the eighth.

The amendment requires authorities to equally protect the right to life of a mother and that of a foetus, from the moment of conception.

Since 2013, terminations have only been allowed in Ireland when the life of the mother is at risk, including from suicide. "Please please vote Yes this Friday".

Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar casts his ballot in the referndum.

Ireland has voted to liberalize some of Western Europe's most restrictive abortion laws, an exit poll indicated. "I'm very emotional about this", she said, outside a polling station opposite Dublin's cathedral.

"Cmon Ireland! This is your day to make another great decision".

Nearly 70 percent voted Yes.

Vera Rooney voted against repeal.

Voters on 12 remote islands in the Atlantic Ocean went to the polls a day early on Thursday to ensure the ballot boxes could be shipped or flown to count centres on the mainland in case of poor weather. A second exit poll was due to be published by 2230 GMT.

First voted into the Irish constitution in 1983, the Eighth Amendment recognises the equal right to life of the unborn.

In short - it looks likely Ireland will shortly be making abortion freely available to women.

Nearly 31 percent voted No. About 1.2 million people vote.

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Star Wars hero Mark Hamill has voiced his opinion on the referendum on Twitter after he was asked by a fellow social media user, "Can we get a shout from @HamillHimself for #repealthe8th in Ireland which prevents women having reproductive rights in any circumstances [in] Friday referendum". A "No" vote would leave the Constitution and the 8th Amendment unchanged. A shrine dedicated to her sprang up on Friday, adorned by flowers and messages from those who voted Yes to the proposed repeal of the Eighth Amendment.

The Irish Times poll was carried out by pollsters Ipsos/MRBI, who questioned more than 4,500 voters in 160 polling places across Ireland.

What does the law say today?

. Irish women who want abortions now must to travel overseas to have them. Two-thirds of voters approved it, declaring that a woman and a preborn child have a right to life.

As per 1983 amendment, anyone terminating a pregnancy in Ireland could face 14 years in jail.

Why is this vote happening now?


In the years since, a series of high profile cases ignited debate. Similarly, her un-PC reference to foetal "abnormality" suggests that disabled unborn babies deserve fewer rights than others.

The 53-year-old, who found fame with his sisters Andrea, Sharon and Caroline in Irish folk-rock band The Corrs, claimed the vote was a means for the pharmaceutical industry to profiteer from abortion.

Who is opposed to the referendum?

. Authorities say they will announce final results by Saturday. The No side was largely backed by so-called pro-life groups - the most prominent being The Iona Institute, a socially conservative Roman Catholic advocacy group.

"I took it really personally, this vote, and said I'm going to come out today and vote for what I believe in".

"I hope that a Yes vote will help to lift that stigma and help to take away that legacy of shame that exists in our society", Mr Varadkar said.

What is the main argument to repeal it?

. Numerous anti-abortion signs showed photographs of fetuses.

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