Published: Thu, May 24, 2018
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Jared Kushner receives full security clearance

Jared Kushner receives full security clearance

White House officials have blamed the delay in Kushner receiving his security clearance on administrative backlogs normal to a new administration, as well as the complicated nature of his application, CNN reported.

Kushner failed to disclose those meetings on his initial applications for security clearance, raising concerns about attempts to hide them.

Kushner has had two interview sessions with the special counsel's team. Then, in mid-April, Kushner sat for six to seven hours of questions that covered many topics, including his work on the Trump campaign, the transition and in the White House and about Trump's decision in May 2017 to fire Comey, the person said. But now it appears that the investigators haven't found anything which would have deemed Kushner a security threat. Brookfield Asset Management, a Canadian real estate firm, said earlier this month that it had reached an agreement to invest in the property.

"Being under investigation for his finances, for his role in his companies, let me tell you, those were not the topics", the lawyer said.

Kushner will now have access to "top secret" intelligence, including Trump's daily briefing from the CIA.

The person familiar with the matter confirmed that Kushner was granted a top-secret clearance.

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The news of the Mueller interview comes as ABC News has learned Kushner has been granted a permanent security clearance on Wednesday after a lengthy review by the White House and Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Some had expected Kushner might not receive a permanent clearance for the duration of Mueller's investigation. That first session was reportedly limited to questions about former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn, who later was charged with lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Kushner later updated the questionnaire multiple times to account for all relevant meetings, including "over 100 calls or meetings with representatives of more than 20 countries", Gorelick told ABC News.

The White House said in February that Kushner's loss of top secret clearance would not affect his diplomatic activities, and apparently it has not done so.

Giuliani also urged the swift wrapping of the probe in the backdrop of former FBI Director James Comey revelation in the last days of the 2016 presidential race that he was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server, according to several media reports.

Author information: Philip Rucker is the White House Bureau Chief for The Washington Post.

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