Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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North Carolina teachers join 'Red for Ed' walkouts for higher pay

North Carolina teachers join 'Red for Ed' walkouts for higher pay

They will call on legislators to restore funding and initiatives for teachers and students that were eliminated in the past decade.

"Last night was similar to a young child on Christmas Eve", said Pender County teacher Leann Hall.

Teachers say that they intend to mobilize and keep a focus on legislators now backtracking on their promises.

Local business owner, Mike Marshall, who is a vocal advocate for teachers said, "The guarantee that goes along with being a government employee is that you have benefits and can nearly rest assured you have a job for life". Following a successful teachers' strike in West Virginia in March, teachers union organisers in North Carolina began discussing what they could do. The state's 15 largest school districts won't have classes Wednesday.

Since 2009, real wages for teachers have fallen by 9.4% in North Carolina. "And the folks that are fighting really deeply believe that public education is a cornerstone of our democracy, and we're in danger of losing it".

North Carolina teachers want lawmakers to ensure "significant and livable raises for all educators", make schools safer, improve school buildings with a $1.9 billion Statewide School Construction Bond, and better students' health by adding more nurses, counselors, and expanding Medicaid.

The General Assembly meets at noon, and teachers have listed their demands ahead of the rally.

School officials are quick to say schools are closing; therefore, teachers are not missing work. "Despite having the polling data that [shows] across partisan lines, people support public education, we're still seeing these really low funding levels". Then every four years, the politicians who take advantage of their generous nature and professionalism show up at schools to get their pictures taken with them and their students and talk about the importance of education. No arrests were made.

May 16 march map
In North Carolina, Teacher Protest Exposes Rural-Urban Divide

The members say that they had a good story to share with teachers in addition to the five consecutive pay raises. He said he was thrilled that thousands attended the march, but that work must continue until November elections. The money squandered so far this year on stock buybacks, which only benefit the richest shareholders and executives, is enough to give a $49,000 bonus to all 3.2 million full-time teachers in the United States or increase per pupil spending by more than $3,000 for each of the country's 50.7 million public school students.

Gov. Roy Cooper (D) in an effort to provide more money to public schools last week called for a freeze to the state's tax cuts, which will take effect next year.

More than three dozen school districts that together educate more than two-thirds of the state's 1.5 million public school students have chose to close classrooms to allow for the show of strength by the teachers and their advocacy group.

But Republican leaders also appear a bit, well, nervous about this event.

What all these states have in common is flat or falling investment in schools paired with tax cuts that have primarily benefited businesses and the wealthy. I feel uncomfortable. I shouldn't feel uncomfortable saying that teachers should be paid more. Instead, it directs those funds directly back into teacher pay. Cooper asked the crowd.

- Create a multiyear pay plan for teachers, support staff, administrators and all other school personnel.

Corey Mitchell, a teacher of over twenty years at Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte, fears that budget cuts and staffing limitations have led to a public school system that is ultimately unsustainable. They have watched as their additional pay for advanced degrees was slashed.

Prioritize classrooms and not corporate boardrooms.

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