Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Tesla Model S Owner Says Autopilot Was Enabled During Utah Crash

Tesla Model S Owner Says Autopilot Was Enabled During Utah Crash

The driver of the fire truck suffered whiplash and was not taken to a hospital. The 28-year-old driver of the vehicle told police in suburban Salt Lake City that the system was switched on and that she had been looking at her phone before the Friday evening crash.

He said the "actually amazing" thing is how little the driver was injured despite her high speed. "She was looking at her phone and looked up just as the accident was about to happen".

The 28-year-old woman broke her foot when her vehicle hit a fire truck stopped at a red light while going 60 miles per hour (97 kph).

Tesla chief Elon Musk defended self-driving auto technology on Tuesday after reports about the latest crash involving one of the electric carmaker's vehicles. Since existing cars have the hardware installed for Autopilot, this feature will also be enabled for existing models, according to the company spokeswoman.

"It came to nothing, and Elon was sure that we wouldn't have to", said the source. "They said they'd put it at the top of their priority list".

North to publicly dismantle nuclear test site between May 23-25
A dismantling "ceremony" will be held and journalist from the U.S., South Korea and elsewhere will be invited, Pyongyang said. The communist regime invited the world to witness the dismantling of nuclear facilities before.

In a Twitter post on Monday, Musk denied a Wall Street Journal report that Tesla had rejected a system that would have tracked driver eye movement when using Autopilot for cost reasons. It is not known whether the autopilot function of the Tesla vehicle was activated at the time. Tesla's Autopilot allows the vehicle to drive itself for short periods of time with steering, acceleration, and braking based on traffic conditions.

Currently, Tesla has around 500,000 preorders for its more affordable model 3, its first mass-market electric auto.

The NTSB now has four investigations looking at incidents involving Tesla vehicles, though not all of them involve issues with the company's autopilot systems. The NTSB investigation will no doubt cover this issue, but Tesla has yet to confirm any facts in this case.

Tesla earlier this month said it would hit that goal.

In a March 30 company blog post, Tesla claimed its autopilot-enabled vehicles are involved in 1 automobile fatality every 320 million miles driven, versus 1 fatality for every 86 million miles driven in vehicles by all other manufacturers.

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