Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
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Primary election day - what you need to know

Primary election day - what you need to know

Incumbent Gov. Tom Wolf is unopposed on the Democratic ballot, but today, Republicans will select his opponent.

And in House District 15, which includes North Albany, Republican Shelly Boshart Davis, Democrat Jerred Taylor and Independent Cynthia K. Hyatt are going through the nominating process and will vie to succeed the retiring Andy Olson in the November general election.

Reaching that level might be tough.

As of Tuesday morning, about 23% of OR voters had returned ballots for the May primary.

Democrats have choices for the U.S. House as well.

Barletta is heavily favored over state Rep. Jim Christiana to become the Republican challenger for Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont battled on the Democratic ballot. "Governor's race isn't turning people on, is it?" he wrote in an email. In a last-minute bid to drum up voter interest Monday, Wagner visited Chick's Diner in Scranton and Mango stopped at the Holiday Inn Express in Dupont.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf will face the victor of a crowded Republican primary that state Sen. Wolf and Casey have no opposition today.

Haverford and Havertown are solidly Democratic areas that used to be in a majority Republican congressional district.

However, when primaries center on offices other than the presidency, turnout percentages clearly drop.

Today is primary election day across Pennsylvania, one of those two days each year when citizens can exercise the right to vote and play a role in choosing who will lead our government. The victor of today's primary will face incumbent U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, who is unopposed for the Republican nomination. Sestak beat Specter, but lost to Republican Pat Toomey that November.

Top races in Tuesday's primary include the 5th congressional district were 10 Democrats are competing in the first election after the newly drawn district maps were put into place. When you go to the polls, or in the mail, you will be given three separate ballots, one for the Democratic Party, one for the Republican Party and one for the Green Party.

Jets ready for Golden Knights in Game 1 of Western Final
We talked about our group, that we were only going to make a trade if we felt that the trade was going to upgrade us or help us. Similarly, defenseman Christian Djoos sat out Washington's first two games but played in the other 10.

Eighty-four candidates are running in 18 House districts in light of new court-ordered redrawn congressional district maps in February.

The result: 40.9 percent of Democrats turned out, only 26.8 percent of Republicans. And party efforts to thin the field have produced severe tensions, threatening their prospects in some key races.

The result: 36.8 percent of Democrats turned out, only 25.2 percent of Republicans.

In today's races, it is not entirely clear which Democrats are the most electable. Democratic turnout in that district was 42.2 percent, much higher than countywide.

A former health care systems consultant in Pennsylvania's hotly contested Republican primary for governor says he's feeling "very good" and is getting ready for what he predicts will be a victory party.

Ballots went out to Benton County voters almost three weeks ago, but as of Monday afternoon, only 16,037 had been received from Benton County's 56,581 eligible voters for a turnout of 28.34 percent, according to the Benton County Elections Office. He will face Rep. Keith Rothfus (R) in November.

Incumbent Sen. Robert Casey Jr. will face no challenger in the Democratic primary.

With two heated contests, perhaps Republican turnout winds up better than 2014 while the Democratic, with only the 112th contested, ends up worse.

Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. Sara Gelser and incumbent District 15 Rep. Dan Rayfield are running unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Weather: Warm but strong chance of rain, thunderstorms.

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