Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
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Make every day your Mother's Day

Make every day your Mother's Day

First celebrated in its current form in the early 20th century, Mother's Day is not associated to any religious holidays, and indeed there are many other festivals in different cultures that also celebrate motherhood. Television celebrities shares about their mother!

I say every day should be Mother's Day. I dedicate when I play to her because I love her so much and she's the reason I'm here. DianeI love this picture of my mom and me because it shows how adventurous she is even at 74!

Pearl V Puri: My mother has always been special person of my life. My aim is to fulfill all your desires just to see that warm and priceless smile on that gorgeous face.Thankyou for being my entire WORLD.This post can't sum-up what i want to express Mother POWAI.

It's not that we forget, or that it's too painful to talk to each other. What if I get sick? And to all the mothers who've raised them, we recognize it's often a hard, exhausting and thankless job, and we thank you for selflessly doing it anyway. She has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

Imagine, daddies, all the things you might have to do and awkward discussions you might have if Mom were not around. She is inspiration of my life. She is the best.

"She's the one that actually was throwing baseballs to me in the front yard".

Tejasswi Prakash: My mother is a walking miracle. Thank you for shaping me the way I'm. She is the only reason behind my achievements. - ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Happy MothersDay!Mom, I love you with all my heart. She taught me how to drive a vehicle, how to make a milkshake, and how to bring clothes in off the line, and that you shouldn't play the radio too loud when you drive past the church. He inspired me. He supported me. He's an fantastic dad what with his cheering and bath-giving, but fatherhood is just not as involved as motherhood.

If I could go back and relive those days, I'd make more time to hang with you. She has always feed me up with so much love and care, that life without her is totally impossible. I look up to her and admire her for her fortitude. And it has only became my success key.

Harsh, but fair. At least I know I'm still welcome for brief visits. Today I'm happy & satisfied bcz you gave me this art.

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"Of course that baby is me and that's my very svelte mom holding me". And yes, you taught us better than this. My mom trust me not the society. Nanny thanks for teaching me how to love and to respect myself. If there's an issue with the kids, he hears about it but the details of our kids' lives get filtered through me. To do mistakes and learn out of it. She has given me all the right values. Chances are, you don't get to do that almost enough. I understand my mom so well, now once I became a mother.

I appreciate what I read the other day... But modern life demands all of the above, and more.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee: My mother is my root, my foundation.

"She tells me to trust myself and she reminds me of all the work I've put in". Just how she's been my No. 1 supporter. She is my god, super hero. When my mom commits to something, she commits all the way.

Kunal Jaisingh: My mom is the best.

"When talking about someone's spouse, she would say, 'Could have done worse, '" Rosanne Caughey said of her mother Rita. I keep telling her that I am old enough to make my own decisions. She'd be proud of me and my achievements.

Shweta Prasad: "I don't believe in these special days for special people".

Only my mother can extol the flaws of her sons. My wife's stepmom. She's bold and brassy, a Missouri girl at heart. She was an excellent teacher, both in word and deed. I can still feel her love and care.

Fast-forward three years and one day to May 10, 1908. In 1907, American Anna Jarvis following the death of her mother initiated to establish Mother's Day first as a US national holiday and then later as an global holiday. Even their anger is mean for our progress.

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