Published: Sun, May 13, 2018
Global | By Enrique Rogers

LGBTQ Groups Call New Oklahoma Adoption Law Discriminatory

LGBTQ Groups Call New Oklahoma Adoption Law Discriminatory

The measure drew opposition from businesses and law enforcement officials, who warned that it could threaten public safety.

On the same day, Fallin signed a bill that would offer protections for faith-based agencies that refuse to let same-sex couples adopt children due to their religious beliefs.

The bill passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives in a 59-28 vote in late April.

"Republican voters believe in the Second Amendment and they believe they should be able to exercise that right with as little interference from the government as possible", Worthen said.

"And the countless young people who will be stigmatized by state sanctioned hate".

"Today, I signed Senate Bill 1140, which allows faith-based agencies that contract with Oklahoma to continue to operate in accordance with their beliefs", Fallin tweeted.

Opponents said that the bill would allow discrimination based on anti-LGBTQ hatred.

Freedom Oklahoma, another LGBT advocacy group, threatened to sue the state.

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"In a day and time when diversity is becoming a core value to society because it will lead to more options, we should recognize its value for serving Oklahoma also because it leads to more options for loving homes to serve Oklahoma children".

"Granting agencies a license to discriminate hurts all children waiting for a forever home by reducing the pool of potential parents, allowing taxpayer-funded providers to refuse to place children with close relatives who happen to be LGBTQ and permitting discrimination against potential parents of another faith", he continued.

The bill written by Republican Sen. Josh Stickney, Administrative Associate at Equality Federation, is an adoptee & has lived in Oklahoma his entire life stated, "I'm extremely disappointed that our state has chose to fund discrimination in our foster care & adoption agencies".

"The idea that bigotry trumps decency is really reprehensible", said Sharon Bishop-Baldwin, the vice president of Oklahomans for Equality's board of directors.

The best interests of the child is less important than the religious beliefs of social workers now in Oklahoma. Greg Treat provides legal protections to faith-based agencies that won't place children in LGBT homes because of religious or moral convictions or policies.

The pair added that they were "grateful for Gov. Fallin's support of religious liberty". SB 1140, much like SB 284 in Kansas, works to withhold those families from those children. It passed the state's Senate on May 2 in a 33-9 vote. He called Catholic Charities "key to the fabric of our communities" in a statement.

LGBTQ advocates quickly criticized the new law.

A new Oklahoma law will let child welfare providers deny services to prospective same-sex parents. "The Oklahoma legislature has played politics with their state's most vulnerable kids". Our message to Gov. Fallin and the lawmakers who championed this travesty is simple: "We'll see you in court!" said Executive Director Troy Stevenson.

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