Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
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NASA Con Men Wearing Space Suits In India Paraded Around By Police

NASA Con Men Wearing Space Suits In India Paraded Around By Police

Photos and a video of the father and son, dressed in silver space suits, being escorted by officials have gone viral.The men were arrested after the businessman complained to the police.

They told the businessmen that he would be able to make a profit by selling the item to the space agency.

The pair allegedly convinced the victim to buy a copper plate for $213,156, claiming it had "special properties" to it, police said. They had allegedly told the complainant that if the test was successful, they would sell it to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for Rs 37,500 crore.

The accused have now been arrested from Dwarka by the Delhi Police. The cheating happened on the pretext of arranging the testing procedure that included arranging special chemicals, calling foreign scientists and buying special Hazmat suits for them. "The accused claimed to be testing a Rice Puller, aka "RP", a brass plate apparently charged by thunderbolt and required by NASA Administration/DRDO for space research", said Alok Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime).

The testing of the RP was eventually scheduled in UP's Hapur but was cancelled because apparently the place was not conducive to the test, following which the testing was cancelled for a couple of times more. Soon he informed the police about the defrauding and got them arrested.

The cheats are also often known to tell victims that the metal device is extremely rare.

Pakistan Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal injured in gun attack
Police have identified the culprit as 21-year-old Abid Hussain, of Neelum village in Narowal , Punjab province. Abid Hussain in custody after being arrested following the attack on Ahsan Iqbal.

After that the complainant again entered into an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the company and again paid Rs 51.1 lakh on different occasions for the testing of "RP" which was scheduled in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

According to the police, the victim later found out that the "scientist" was working with the accused, and was being paid ₹20,000.

A father-son duo parading in a space suit escorted by cops is not a common sight.

Police said the men appeared to have covered a copper plate with "liquid magnet" and iron wires in order to try to fool the businessman.

Alleged "Rice Pullar" copper plate, anti radiation scientist's suits of NASA, anti radiation chemical stickers have been recovered along with laptop, printer, blank letter heads of Rehan Metals/USA, cheque books, fake ID cards of Rehan Metals and one Audi auto.

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