Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Global | By Enrique Rogers

Kenya: 5 Killed, Families Displaced as Patel Dam Bursts Its Banks

Kenya: 5 Killed, Families Displaced as Patel Dam Bursts Its Banks

Hundreds are said to have been left homeless and more than 2,000 displaced.

In a statement to newsrooms, area Governor Lee Kinyanjui said 15 ambulances have been dispatched to the scene to evacuate victims.

He said the incident occurred on Wednesday evening, causing extensive damage to homes, schools and businesses.

The Patel dam is one of three reservoirs owned by a large-scale farmer in the area.

The Kenyan Red Cross says it has rescued some 40 people so far, while residents say many more people can not be accounted for. At least 40 people have been rescued so far.

The local people are now concerned about the condition of the other two dams, which are also reportedly full.

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This comes as weather experts are warning of more heavy rains in the next few days in an unusual departure from traditional weather patterns.

People watch as flash floods rage past a part of the main highway to Kenya's border town with Tanzania on March 15, 2018 in Isinya, around 36 miles southeast of capital Nairobi. However, the torrential rains and floods have made it hard to reach those most in need.

Recent flooding in the country has already killed more than 152 people and displaced a quarter of a million others. Military helicopters and personnel have for the past week been deployed to rescue people marooned by the flooding.

According to Kibicho, the government had so far distributed food and medicine worth Sh600 million in thirty-two affected counties.

The wet weather has contributed to an ongoing cholera outbreak in Kenya, and an increasing number of chikungunya virus cases-spread by mosquitoes-are also being reported.

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