Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Sci-tech | By Eric Barnett

Google Assistant to get six new voices

Google Assistant to get six new voices

John Legend is one of the new voice options for the Google Assistant.

But Amazon hasn't been sitting still either, and there's still some areas where Google is playing catch-up. Pichai also showcased a revamped Gmail and announced another new feature called "Smart Compose", which will help users write emails using machine learning technology.

This is a big deal because "our technologies reflect our culture", Dr. Miriam E. Sweeney, an assistant professor at the University of Alabama who specializes in digital media, told Moneyish. That brings the total to eight different voices you can talk to, with, and communicate daily. Two of them were already available, and now you have six more.

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Put it this way - according to Net Market Share, 74.5% of all internet searches are made using Google on most platforms, but when it comes to home assistant searches, it's a small player. "But it's not strictly interchangeable between genders". In fact, Google included singer John Legend's voice. The Google Assistant is available on more than 500 million devices and will be available in more than 30 languages and 80 countries by the end of the year. We'll update as these features are released or roll out. We've dramatically improved our language understanding so you can speak naturally to your Google Assistant and it will know what you mean. Custom routines allow you to set a command word or phrase and choose from a range of actions and outputs from the Assistant, including the ability to set custom voice feedback from the Assistant, which should make for all kinds of fun. At its annual developer conference Google I/O, the company said these six options, which feature both male and female voices, would be rolled out later this year. In the future, you'll be able to do a lot more, with a lot more things. All the new voices are powered by WaveNet, which is an AI-based voice synthesizer created by Google UK's subsidiary DeepMind.

Go to "Google Assistant Settings". The assistant will picture answering your questions.

Google also announced an optional feature that will reward polite kids with replies, such as "Thanks for saying please", "What a nice way to ask me", and "You're very polite".

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