Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
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California to require solar panels on all new homes starting from 2020

California to require solar panels on all new homes starting from 2020

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California became the first state in the union Wednesday to require solar panels be installed on all new home construction; a move created to help "cut greenhouse gases" but could add even higher prices to the nation's most expensive housing market.

McAllister said he believed the solar industry is now mature enough and ready for the mandate.

Meanwhile, non-residential dwellings will achieve energy savings of 30%, the Energy Commission estimates.

California has long led the nation's battle against climate change and has adopted tough regulations to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the plan, some new homes, including those located under shade, will be exempt from having solar panels.

Borenstein notes these savings are effectively subsidized by other ratepayers without solar panels, net metering and solar tax credits. "It's all about price", Gonzalez said.

Residential solar system. Author: mjmonty.

Officials in St. Petersburg, Florida, made a similar argument when they were mulling their own solar mandate a year ago, with City Councilman Kevin Nurse telling Reason, "You can create a system that provides local jobs, reduces fossil fuel use and pollution, and reduces the cost of owning a home".

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Luxury home sellers saw only a 13 percent gain in value over comparable houses when listing solar energy as an amenity, the study found. In San Jose a full three-quarters of homes are detached single family units.

"We're a bit ahead of the curve".

Cost of the solar panels could be offset through a new rate system that the Energy Commission is planning on implementing next year.

Backers claim the solar rules are necessary to comply with the state's stringent renewable energy mandate, which requires utilities to derive at least 50 percent of its electricity from clean sources by 2030. Gov. Visit for more information on this news.

But such proposals are far more controversial than solar panels.

Anne Hoskins, chief policy officer for solar provider Sunrun, said transfers of leases should not be an impediment to home sales.

"The goal is zero-emission buildings", she said".

Advocates for the poor fear that the new rules passed by fiat by the California Energy Commission will only cause energy poverty to grow.

Although the new solar law will likely raise new home prices initially, there is a bigger phenomenon that's contributing to higher housing prices: California isn't building enough homes to keep up with the number of people who want to live there.

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