Published: Mon, May 07, 2018
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Michael Avenatti: Rudy Giuliani statements 'an absolute unmitigated disaster'

Michael Avenatti: Rudy Giuliani statements 'an absolute unmitigated disaster'

The $130,000 payment was made by Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen days before the 2016 election, raising questions of compliance with campaign finance and ethics laws.

"I have no knowledge of that, but I would think if it was necessary, yes", Giuliani replied. "It's a nuisance payment".

So according to Rudy Giuliani who, I don't know if it was in the minutes before that or the minutes after that, admitted that the guy he's representing committed a crime, believes that people in this country are going to get violent against the special prosecutor's office if they start investigating Ivanka Trump.

During the interview, Giuliani said that people do not go away with United States dollars 130,000 for a meritorious claim. "I mean we now know that that was an absolute lie".

"Do you think his job includes lying to the American people?"

Daniels also mocked the allegation that her lawsuits against Trump are all an act.

"The president told me just yesterday that when he said no on Air Force One last month he's talking about when the payment occurred, that he was not aware of the payment to Ms. Daniels when the payment occurred", Conway told CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday.

The remarks by Giuliani, the former federal prosecutor and mayor of NY, implied that Trump was aware of the payments at the time, contradicting the president's statements to the contrary just last month.

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"Are you confident that his testimony and the Stormy Daniels payment won't contradict the president?" he was asked. Those are the facts that we're still working on.

Cohen then calls Daniels while Trump silently listens in.

Conway backed off addressing Giuliani's bombshell revelation, saying she couldn't comment because of her "limited visibility in legal matters and big visibility in policy portfolio".

"That's not a decision to be made now, there's no reason to be made now". Daniels said she is being paid more nowadays for doing the same things she was already doing, but she pushed back against the notion that she was happy to be receiving so much notoriety because of Trump.

Trump's legal team has undergone another shakeup this week, with the addition of Giuliani and veteran attorney Emmet Flood, who will replace Ty Cobb, a White House lawyer who had encouraged broad cooperation with Mueller. We can assert privilege other presidents [have]. The most pointed line of the sketch was uttered by Daniels, who, when asked what she wanted, didn't say money but rather "a resignation".

"Now this was for another goal, to protect him, to protect his family", Giuliani said on ABC News. "You better not go after her".

Then Giuliani admitted that it was "not uncommon" for Cohen to make hush payments on Trump's behalf.

If Trump meant to reimburse Cohen for such payments, they should have been reported by the president on a 2017 financial disclosure form that required him to state his financial liabilities, Eisen said. "Now that adds to the situation; it doesn't create any additional motivation".

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