Published: Sun, May 06, 2018
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Gazans Converge on Gaza Strip for Sixth Friday in a Row

Gazans Converge on Gaza Strip for Sixth Friday in a Row

Participants denounced the hard situation of Palestinian workers in Gaza, a place in which more than 40 percent of the population does not have a job. With the steady decline of ammunition among the Palestinians, the protesters have now resorted to flinging stones over the border fence into Israeli territory.

Palestinian protesters try to pull down the fence of the border after they burn tires during a protest at Gaza's border with Israel. Among the victims - 58 adolescents and 29 women.

Five people were killed in an explosion on Saturday in the central Gaza Strip, according to Palestine's official news agency.

It has said that some of those protesting at the border over the past few weeks tried to damage the border fence or plant explosives along it.

Aser was shot east of Gaza City on April 27, health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said.

According to figures provided by the United Nations agency, over the past five weeks, five children lost their lives and hundreds more were wounded in largely peaceful protest rallies held along the border with the occupied Palestinian territories. "I'm not afraid, only of Allah".

US, Iran talk tough over fate of nuclear deal
As Iran's economy tanks, Rouhani faces growing criticism from opponents who never supported his efforts at détente with the West. Relations could easily sink to the 2003 level, when the United States' bullheaded invasion of Iraq split the alliance.

Rights groups say Israeli open-fire regulations are unlawful because they permit troops to use potentially lethal force against unarmed protesters. Protests demand the return of Palestinian lands they fled or were expelled from in present-day Israel.

The AP - which is hardly a radical news gathering organization - does mention the flaming kites, but not until the 4th paragraph, and it does not dwell on them. Israel's government celebrated the USA decision, saying it recognized the "reality" that Jerusalem was the historic capital of the Jewish people.

"We will put Molotov cocktails on the Israeli farms", Issa said. The army confirmed the drone losses. No Israeli civilian or military forces have been killed or injured.

It also alleges Hamas, the Islamist movement that runs the Gaza Strip and with whom it has fought three wars since 2008, is seeking to use the protests as cover to carry out violence.

Demonstrators are demanding the right to return to their homes seized by Israel in 1948, which Israel argues would effectively spell the end of their country.

Trump's moves angered Palestinian leaders, who have refused to talk to his administration, accusing it of pro-Israel bias.

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