Published: Sun, April 29, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Preston Stone

New LCD model iPhone rumors

New LCD model iPhone rumors

Apple introduced 3D touch with iPhone 6s and while the company marketed it as an innovative product, it was nothing more than a gimmick.

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he claims that the 6.1 inch LCD model iPhone will not have 3D Touch feature.

Now, according to Chinese website Feng, which MacRumors spotted, Kuo said that Apple's new 6.1-inch phone will offer a new display that costs more, and because of that, Apple might ditch 3D Touch to save on costs.

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That means the new iPhone with this CGS tech will not only have a more shock resistant glass display but it'll be lighter too. Nothing much is known about the sensor other than it adding an extra 15% cost towards the display panel. While it has been rumored that this model is just going to be called iPhone thanks to an earlier concerning a simpler naming approach, we'll be dubbing it as the iPhone for now. However, the 2016 iPhone SE did well without the 3D Touch by using an Android-esque long-press gesture. Reportedly, the newer display will cost somewhere between $23 and $26 higher. However, it looks like the company is set to drop the feature since users are not using the feature.

However, the mystery behind the thin-film sensor is not revealed in Kuo's note, but it might be some kind of an alternative to the 3D Touch feature.

The expulsion of 3D Touch doesn't appear to be excessively fantastical given it's very polarizing - a few clients think that its valuable, while others think that its pointless. The 6.1-inch LCD variant is also expected to use a Cover Glass Sensor (CGS) process which will be a lot thinner. The future of 3D Touch is quite uncertain amid leaked reports of Apple's upcoming phones.

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