Published: Tue, April 24, 2018
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KellyAnne Conway Calls Melania Trump 'Superior' First Lady to Michelle Obama

KellyAnne Conway Calls Melania Trump 'Superior' First Lady to Michelle Obama

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway bristled on Sunday when CNN's Dana Bash asked about tweets critical of the White House published by Conway's husband, George Conway, a prominent lawyer.

She then went on a tangent about Hillary Clinton, after making a show of refusing to say her name, and told Bash that she was shocked that CNN would stoop so low as to ask about someone's partner. Moore denied these allegations during his campaign and has countersued one of the women who accused him, who is suing him for defamation.

Conway included that Bash's timely "was suggested to bug and humiliate" and recommended that she would not have actually been asked that concern if she were a guy. "So this is a fascinating "crossing the Rubicon moment"... and I'll leave it at that".

All of this is precisely why Conway, who is a is a pro at exploiting gender tensions and double standards, does not get to play the sexism card in this, or frankly, any situation.

TMZ asked the president's senior counselor whether she thought reports that US magazines were snubbing the current first lady were true, since Michelle Obama had been featured in at least a dozen magazines during her husband's eight years in office.

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The woman, with whom he'd had an affair, alleges that he threatened to release the photo if she disclosed the relationship. And she is using thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars to do all of this.

"Her work with youth ... you saw her in the East Wing talking about the opioid crisis, empowering young kids and their curriculum in the schools, she is just doing a wonderful job". This ought to be fun moving forward, Dana. "Are we going to do that?"

"There are other family members of people who work at the White House who certainly don't support the President privately and publicly", Conway said.

"It was meant to harass and embarrass", she interrupted, adding that spouses frequently have differences of opinion. "No, you wouldn't", to which Bash responded that she "a thousand percent would".

When Conway appeared on CNN's State of the Union Sunday, this was not a topic she wanted to discuss.

Although Conway tweeted hours later that Bash's questioning was not sexist, but "cheap and irrelevant", that was very clearly what she was accusing Bash of on air.

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