Published: Mon, April 23, 2018
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Trump slams Dems for objecting to Pompeo — WASHINGTON | The Latest

Trump slams Dems for objecting to Pompeo — WASHINGTON | The Latest

Trump took to Twitter early Monday to excoriate Pompeo's opponents as "Obstructionists", claiming that Democrats "will not approve hundreds of good people" by "maxing out" the confirmation process. "Need more Republicans!" he added.

In a rare rebuke to a US president on a confirmation vote for a key national security position, the panel could give Pompeo an unfavorable recommendation and still send his nomination to the full Senate.

The full Senate is still expected to consider Pompeo's nomination later this week.

All Democrats on the committee are expected to vote against Pompeo, 54. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., announced her support last week, one group called on her to switch. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) that he would vote for the nomination on the floor - becoming the second Democrat in the chamber to voice support.

Secretary of state nominee Mike Pompeo now has the support of three Democratic senators, after two lawmakers said Monday they'd back the Central Intelligence Agency director to be the nation's next top diplomat.

If confirmed, Pompeo would become the first nominee to win a Cabinet post without a committee endorsement since 1945, according to the Senate Historical Office.

"They have to decide that they want to put the safety and the security and the diplomacy of our country ahead of their own political games, and we're very hopeful that they will", Sanders told Fox News.

Pompeo met with ruler Kim Jong Un to help plan a proposed summit with Trump by mid-June.

European Union parliament renews call for Facebook CEO to testify over data scandal
Nix was publicly caught boasting about company's unethical electioneering activities for political parties in other countries. He gave the example of a pro-choice movement in Northern Ireland putting €1m worth of selective advertising on the internet.

"To stop that would be incredibly unsafe and damaging for our country and for the world", Sanders said.

"I believe our nation's top diplomat must be forthright, and, more critically, (Pompeo's) past sentiments do not reflect our nation's values", Menendez said last week in announcing his no vote. "He should certainly be supportive of what the president is trying to do".

Rather than allow an unfavorable vote on the panel, where Republicans have a one-seat majority, senators could choose not to issue a recommendation if Pompeo cannot find enough backing. "They're not showing courage in doing what they know is right", Short said of Democrats during an appearance on CNN.

During his 5½-hour confirmation hearing this month, Pompeo was grilled by every Democratic member of the committee, as well as Paul. White House allies are reigning advertising efforts versus Democrats contrary to Trump-won nations, for example Indiana North Dakota and Missouri, to vote to its president nominee.

The editors said a successful attempt by members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to reject Pompeo in a vote Monday would, nevertheless, only be a "Pyrrhic, short-term victory".

Later Monday morning, Sen.

Late last week, Mr Pompeo was still making the rounds on Capitol Hill, speaking with key senators who still haven't committed, including Mr Warner, Mr Manchin, and Mr Jeff Flake of Arizona, the only Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee who's undecided. "Tweet rants will not weaken the Senate's check on your appointment authority".

Mr. Pompeo now heads the Central Intelligence Agency but was nominated by President Trump to take over at the State Department after former Secretary Rex W. Tillerson was sacked.

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