Published: Thu, April 19, 2018
Sci-tech | By Eric Barnett

European Union parliament renews call for Facebook CEO to testify over data scandal

European Union parliament renews call for Facebook CEO to testify over data scandal

We require websites and apps who use our tools to tell you they're collecting and sharing your information with us, and to get your permission to do so, through features like News Feed preferences and ad preferences (that lets one) to stop seeing particular ads or opt out of these types of ads entirely. But now it is not clear whether the company is still pursuing the cryptocurrency plan.

Kaiser also said that Banks refused to pay a bill of 41,500 pounds ($59,500) for initial work undertaken by Cambridge Analytica.

"I do not know the specifics of these surveys or how the data was acquired or processed".

Cambridge Analytica, the company behind Facebook's huge data scandal, attempted to develop its own cryptocurrency earlier this year and meant to raise funds through an initial coin offering, Reuters and The New York Times have reported.

"In my pitches I used to give examples, even to clients, that if you go on Facebook and you see these viral personality quizzes, that not all of them would be designed by Cambridge Analytica, SCL group or our affiliates, but these applications were designed specifically to harvest data from individuals using Facebook as the tool", Kaiser told United Kingdom committee.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has heightened scrutiny of Facebook and other Silicon Valley firms, including Google, which Kaiser said could be sitting on 35 times the user data that Facebook has.

As per her, Cambridge Analytica had made use of a range of personality quizzes, designed similar to Kogan's app, to siphon off user data. Zuckerberg has apologized and expressed his commitment to ensure that this never happens again.

While Facebook added that it doesn't sell the user data it collects, the blog post doesn't state how long it stores the data for or exactly how it uses the data.

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So just how many more users data has been compromised? The committee is adjourned until 24 April. Nix was publicly caught boasting about company's unethical electioneering activities for political parties in other countries.

He said Facebook will be "glad" to take a business hit to help people "feel good" about their data.

He gave the example of a pro-choice movement in Northern Ireland putting €1m worth of selective advertising on the internet.

She told lawmakers that in an atmosphere where data abuse was rife, she believed the leadership of the Leave.EU campaign combined data from members of the U.K. Independence Party and from the customers of two insurance companies, Eldon Insurance and GoSkippy Insurance.

If you're a Facebook user or marketer, it's extremely unlikely that you haven't heard about the recent scandal the social media giant is involved in.

European Union users will also be asked if they wish to use new facial-recognition technology that will detect if others may be using their image as their profile picture or elsewhere.

Facebook's outreach to the right comes at a time when it is fielding criticism from across the political spectrum.

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