Published: Mon, April 02, 2018
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Overwatch teasing new Uprising event for April

Overwatch teasing new Uprising event for April

Overwatch's Uprising seasonal event will return on Tuesday, April 10.

In last year's edition of Uprising, the major feature was a four-player brawl that places a team composed of Tracer, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, and Mercy in battle against an omnic horde.

The first season of the Overwatch Open Division saw thousands of teams around the world take part, and numerous current crop of Contenders teams in various regions did in fact begin their journey here.

As the teaser indicates, hopefully we'll get some more new details on the characters compared to last year's event, as the teaser indicates that several "declassified" records will be unveiled on April 10th when (presumably) the event will go live across consoles and PC.

Blizzard has confirmed that this event will return, giving players a chance to play it in case they missed out on the mission (as well as skins) during its first debut.

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One of Overwatch's most popular events might be making a comeback next month. The event also offered several legendary skins and other event-exclusive cosmetic items. That the event was revealed with such little fanfare makes clear that a larger reveal is still planned, likely to cover the event's special game mode and any new lore that comes with it.

The Uprising event needs to delve into the motives behind Blackwatch, which will subsequently give information on Talon's motives.

Did you see anything interesting in the tweet?

What do all these clues mean? "File 00382 - King's Row Uprising" appears to change to what fans believe says "File 00274 - Blackwatch Archives". The Petras Act, which made Overwatch activity illegal, is believed to have gone into effect six years ago - one year after the hinted Blackwatch mission.

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