Published: Wed, March 28, 2018
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No charges for La. officers in Alton Sterling's shooting death

No charges for La. officers in Alton Sterling's shooting death

Once confronted, the police officers determined that Sterling was in possession of a "firearm in his right front pocket" of a shirt he was wearing, Landry said.

Louisiana's attorney general has ruled out criminal charges against two white Baton Rouge police officers in the fatal shooting of a black man whose death fuelled widespread protests.

Sterling's family had with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry on Tuesday before he announced the decision not to charge the pair.

"I know the Sterling family is hurting and I know they may not agree with this decision", Landry said.

The officers dodged federal civil rights charges in May 2017 after a lengthy Justice Department investigation.

Upon review of the evidence, Landry said Salamoni and Lake reacted understandably considering the circumstances the officers were under at the time of the shooting.

"With respect to the second series of shots ... experts emphasized that officers are trained to eliminate a threat", the Justice Department wrote, "and that Sterling appeared to pose a threat because he was still moving and his right hand was not visible to Officer Salamoni".

Landry also said toxicology reports showed that Sterling had drugs in his system at the time of his death, which Landry linked to Sterling's behavior during his encounter with police.

That is when the first volley of shots are fired, hitting Sterling in the chest.

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The police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling in 2016 will not be charged with a crime, the Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry announced on Tuesday.

"Our investigation has concluded that officers Lake and Salamoni attempted to make a lawful arrest of Alton Sterling based upon probable cause", Landry told a news conference. "Sterling was under the influence and that contributed to his non-compliance", Landry said.

The officers' body cameras and a store surveillance camera also recorded the encounter. Believing Sterling was the man referenced in the 911 call, officers and Sterling scuffled which led to Sterling's tragic death.

The officers continue to struggle with Sterling and Landry said Salamoni is heard saying, "He's going for a gun". "He was murdered like an animal", Sterling's aunt, Veda Washington-Abusaleh, told local reporters on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press. The suit accuses the Baton Rouge Police Department of lax training and poor procedures as factors that caused Sterling to be shot and killed.

Attorneys for Sterling's relatives have said federal authorities told them Salamoni pointed a gun at Sterling's head and threatened to kill him before the struggle began.

Both officers were placed on administrative leave but faced no further punishment.

The Baton Rouge Department has not yet announced the outcome of its internal affairs investigation which could include disciplinary action for the officers.

The death of Alton Sterling was a tragedy that evoked deep grief and anger across Baton Rouge and Louisiana.

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