Published: Sat, March 24, 2018
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Adds Event Mode to Compete With Fortnite

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Adds Event Mode to Compete With Fortnite

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has a cheating problem, and it's becoming a hinderance for the development team, delaying future updates for the game.

"I have many thoughts", Greene said. "It grows the genre".

The first iteration of the Event Mode is pretty simple, as the PUBG Corporation intends it to be.

PUBG 4x4 Village
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Adds Event Mode to Compete With Fortnite

This new, more positive outlook by Greene notably comes off the back of PUBG developer PUBG Corporation past year taking shots at Epic Games for the implementation of a battle royale mod into Fortnite, raising the concern that the mode seemed to be mimic PUBG in unsavory ways. The relationship was at the time and remains somewhat complicated by the fact that Bluehole relies on Epic's Unreal Engine 4 to develop PUBG.

According to a recent blog post, the small 4x4 km island map will be tested on the game's test server for all to try out and will eventually be available on the game's live servers depending on player feedback. Until its launch as an Xbox-exclusive in December, PUBG was available only on Windows. Some players are already predicting the game's fall from grace, and with Fortnite's massive success PUBG is going to need new content to keep players from jumping ship. Greene reiterated onstage today that he never expected to see his game sell upwards of 40 million copies and remain the No. 1 game on the Steam marketplace, dwarfing global mainstays like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. And PUBG Mobile lets anyone get a darn good PUBG and battle royale experience wherever and whenever they want.

But this development hasn't stopped PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds creator Brendan Greene from praising his competitor during a GDC panel this week. With more AAA studios likely taking notice and planning on bringing their own Battle Royale games into the ring, it will be interesting to see how the two powerhouse games handle with the increased competition.

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